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Unit 9c "Did you know?"
B1 (Intermediate) level


In this lesson students will have the opportunity to read a short text on telephone boxes and their evolution during the time.It will be followed with some freer speaking on telephones,mobile phones and their accessories.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a Discussion in the context of telephones and mobile phones

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about red telephone boxes and mobile phones


Lead-in (7-10 minutes) • Warming students up for the reading activity

The teacher puts the word "annoy" and the expression "drive Sb mad" on the board and checks if the students know the word.Having given the instructions,the teacher will distribute the questions.The activity will be done in pairs and then as a feedback the questions will be discussed with the whole class one more time.

Reading for main ideas (5-7 minutes) • Providing the students with an opportunity to read for the main ideas

The teacher will give out the reading hand-outs along with the skimming activities s/he has designed for this purpose.Having allowed enough time for the students to do the activity,the teacher will give a whole class feedback.

scanning game (6-10 minutes) • to help students better learn the new vocabulary in the reading

while the students are doing the skimming activity the teacher divides the board into three sections and puts three names on each section.In each section the teacher sticks different word definitions in a random way.When the students are ready the teacher will give the instructions and the game will start. Each student will run to the board take off one of the definitions from the board,take it back to the group,search for the word in the reading,write it on the paper provided and stick the word back on the board. The team who finishes first wins the game.

Post-reading activity (6-9 minutes) • Provide students with an opportunity to speak in a semi controlled way

The three questions will be discussed in pairs and then whole class feed back will follow.The teacher must be careful about the third question as the students may require a review of the suggestion and advice structures to complete the task.

Speaking Activity (8-10 minutes) • to give the students the chance to talk about mobile phones from a different aspect of view

To raise interest on the topic the teacher will show his/her mobile phone to the class asking if mobile phones show a person's character,following this discussion the teacher will provide students some pictures of different fascia and ask them match each photo with a classmate and give the rationale of their decisions using the adjectives they have learned in the previous lesson(s). Depending on the time left the teacher can play some ringtones and ask the students to guess what the character of the person with the played ringtone is.

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