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Possessive 's and apostrophe
Elementary level


In the present lesson, Ss are expected to learn how to use possessives accordingly and in different contexts to serve their purposes. Ss are introduced to the Tl thoughout elicitation and based on the previous lesson that they have been exposed to. Ss will be first asked to identify relationships between in a family tree. Ss will work on different activities while monitored by their T. The lesson is structured and contains a set of components including a warm up or leading activity, presentation, practice ,controlled practice and freer practice then final production.


Abc Handouts ( Facetoface Elementary students's book -work-book)

Main Aims

  • To provide
  • To introduce Ss to possessive and 's apostrophe through the context of family relationships. It is also intended from the lesson that Ss will get to know the different uses of 's and distinguish between them.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To enable Ss to properly express themselves using the structure TL


Warmer/Lead-in (4-8 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson and activate Ss background knowledge

The T will first set the context by presenting a family tree from the previous lesson then eliciting a few examples about relationships between people in the family tree on ''PP16''. Ss will get into pairs and discuss the family tree before they can voice their answers. Given the fact that Ss by now know some voca, they should be able to relate the people to one another using the Tl through elicitation.

Presentation (5-10 minutes) • To test students prior knowledge regarding the TL and pave the way for practice

After eliciting key answers from Ss about family relationships. The T will ask students to have a look at ex5.pp17 and complete the required tasks. When Ss finish, the T will get some WCF before before students are fully introduced to the target language

Practice 1 (10-15 minutes) • To enable Ss to distinguish between 's and its multiple usage

The T will refer back to one of the examples given in ex5 pp17 and elicit the meaning of the 's in the given example '' Sally is Anna's daughter''. After eliciting the meaning of 's at the first place, the T will proceed and write two more examples with contracted versions of ''is'' and ''has got''. The T will elicit what the 's means in each case and give further examples. Ss attention will be drawn to ''ex6b pp17'' to make sure that they understood the TL. Ss will peer check their answers before further clarification takes place

Controlled practice (10-15 minutes) • To provide controlled practice for the Ss and increase their STT

Ss will be asked by the T to do ''ex4a' wkwk'' for more practice. Ss will have to decide the correct place within sentences in which they will have to put the 's. Ss will have to peer check their answers before the T engages them in WC FB. Ss will be able to make clear cut distinction between the different uses of 's and if need be, Ss will have to come and write the answers on the WB. Ss will be asked first to look at the pictures on page 17 and will get in pairs to guess about the people presented in the picture. Ss will listen'' ex9b, r2.9''. Ss will peer check their answers then do some FB. Get Ss to look at ''ex9c'' and check what they can remember then get them tisten again and check their answers before getting WC FB

Production - freer practice- (5-5 minutes) • To check Ss understanding and to allow freer practice and increase STT

Ss will be asked to name ( giving names) of five people from their family members and will be required to think of what they can say as information about the people they have chosen without writing it. Students will be put in pairs accordingly and will swap papers, Ss will have to make questions about their partner's family using the Tl taking notes and turns before they are asked to tell the class about their partner's family

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