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Elementary level


Students will learn how to use the to be verb in a completed form and the short form. They will also know about the possessive /`s/ and they can differentiate them from each other. By the end they can ask and answer questions related to the topic.


Abc A sentence ordering handouts

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the verb to be in the context of nationality and age

Subsidiary Aims

  • pronunciation


Lead in (1-5 minutes) • By the end of the warm-up ss will be better able to use the present to be verbs to talk about their names and nationalities.

There are going to be pictures of different countries and cities and famous people from Turkey or other celebrities.

Presentation (6-10 minutes) • To elicit questions of the verb to be from the students

I will a sentence or simply use the already written sentences on the board and ask ss to make questions for them.

practice • by the end of this part students will be able to ask and answer questions of to be

T ask just one question from the student and indicate it to the other student. The process continues with the other parts.

practice 2 • To check the grammatical writing of the students

They will be give handouts so they can work on and fill in the blanks. Before the are given the handouts the teacher will ask them how not to unfold the paper and then by asking yes no question makes sure that all students know how to work with handouts. After that students will listen to the tape to check their answers and then teacher checks answers with whole class.

presentation 2 • to get students to know the difference between the possessive and the contracted form of the /`s/

The teacher will give them some handouts which is relevant to the previous part and has the /`s/ of both kind and asks student to work out the difference. So he can try to get what /`s/ is in the two sentences.

practice • by the end of this part Ss should be able to make sentences and should differentiate the both /`s/

There will be some words on the board so students can work with them and make sentences.Teacher will ask them get a WC FB and then tells them to unfold the handout ad gives them some time to write the sentences. Ss then are asked to compare their answers with their friends.

Pronunciation • By the end of this part Ss had better know what the correct pronunciation of the sentences is

Ss will be asked to unfold the last part of the handout that has some choices they can check wile they are listening to the tape. They are then asked to check their answers with their pair. WC FB. Finally teacher drills the students.

Production • By the end of this part teacher is sure that students got almost complete part of the grammar

There are again some prompts on the board that students are going to make sentences with but they are not going to write it. WC FB. students are asked to talk together about their family and friends in the context of to be verb

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