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TP 6
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson we will be reading a text about beauty and I will provide the Sts with plenty of reading practice and will deal with some vocab and practice speaking about the meaning of the text


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Main Aims

  • To give the Sts challenging reading practice, skimming and scanning for information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Sts some interesting discussion and vocabulary and listening practice


lead in (7-8 minutes) • to generate the meaning behind the title of the text

I will tell them a story and tell Sts to listen and tell me what it means, I use this to generate the meaning of the text title which is that beauty is subjective I offer to tell them again then Sts give me there ideas about the meaning. then I write a couple of the Sts sentences if they are accurate enough then I write beauty is in the eye of the beholder

predictions (6-7 minutes) • To make Sts predict some contents of text

then I turn the sentence into a question showing the title of the text and tell them we are going to read a text entitled ''Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?'' and ask them to predict what will it be about? then I say discuss in pairs

skim reading (6-8 minutes) • To increase the interest in and knowledge of the texts meaning for the Sts

Then I ''so is beauty in the eye of the beholder? read the first eleven lines and answer the question, they tell me the answer I ask why I focus their attention on words , attraction, quantifiable and objective asking a volunteer to read them in their sentences and drill pronunciation and quickly check meanings

Scan Read (10-11 minutes) • to give Sts a chance to read the whole text for particular information

then I ask them to read the whole text to answer the true and false questions at the top then the Sts check answers with their partner then I elicit answers on the board and ask them to justify them

vocabulary (6-8 minutes) • to give Sts some time to understand some words

I say now look at the underlined words with your partner look at the context and discuss what you think they mean I write the eight words on the board while they discuss then I ask a different pair for each word to tell me what they think and I help them and check they have got it and show syllable stress and drill

speaking practice (5-6 minutes) • to give some fun speaking practice

I ask can you say beautiful for a man and elicit handsome then I say now describe the most handsome man and the most beautiful woman in your family to your partner and try to use some of the words from the text then I ask who are most attractive nation in the world? English?

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