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Elementary level


After this lesson, ss will be able to understand the lyrics of the song: "Singing in the Rain" by Gene Kelly.


Abc Gene Kelly Picture
Abc Fill in the blanks: Singing in the rain
Abc True or False. Singing in the Rain
Abc cut-ups: Singing in the Rain
Abc "Singing in the Rain (lyrics)" by Gene Kelly (song)
Abc Glee Club Singing in the rain/umbrella
Abc Questions for Lead-in
Abc Questions for gist
Abc Questions for speaking

Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about present simple and present continuous in the context of a song
  • To provide detailed listening practice using a text about present simple and present continuous in the context of a song

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of a song


Lead-In (2-3 minutes) • to introduce the song: sining in the rain"

I will pin the questions: 1. How is the weather? and what does the man on the picture do?" on the board, then I`ll pin a picture a the movie "singing in the rain" on the white board. Hopefully they will now give task related correct answers.

Vocab-Intro (5-7 minutes) • to introduce the vocab of the song: singing in the rain"

The fastest way to elicit the unknown vocabulary (glorious, stormy clouds, above, lane, refrain and to chase) seems to draw it on the board. I will tell a little story about one of my adventures and to personalize it, I will pin a picture of my head on a stick-man. The story goes like this: One day I (picture of myself), was walking down a .......... (lane) (draw a street). Then ............(stormy clouds) appeared. Too bad! And then a big dog ...................(chase)(draw a dog and an arrow toward me) me. I was sad and to make myself feel better, I wanted to sing the same part of "Umbrella" again. What do you call it, when the same part of the song comes again and again?................(refrain). I sang the refrain of "umbrella" again and again until I felt very, very, happy and beautiful inside, I felt.....................(glorious). And then the dog was gone. Maybe he was scared oy my voice? After eliciting the meaning of the vocab, I will CCQ them. Were there clouds or was the weather sunny? Clouds. How were the clouds? stormy. Were the clouds above or down on the lane? above. Was it my place or someone else`s place? my place. Did I sing the refrain of the again and again? yes. Did the dog come and say"hello? no. Did he chase me? yes. Did I feel angry after singing the refrain? no. Did I feel glorious? yes. Then I will write the words on the board, elicit stress and noun, adj or verb.

Song Play 1 (3-4 minutes) • Listening for gist.

I will ask the ss: What is the weather like in the song? Is there a man or a woman singing? I will pin the questions on the board. Then I will play the song. After that I will nominate 2 students to answer the questions.

Fill-in-the-blanks (5-7 minutes) • Listening for detail

I will show the ss the HO and explain: Here are some words missing. Now please listen carefully to the song again and fill in the blanks. Then I will play the song. if neccessary, I will play it again. They will peer-check. The answer keys will be handed out by my celta peers.

True or False? (4-6 minutes) • Listening for detail

Again I will show the HO and explain: Listen to the song and tick the sentence, if it`s right or make a cross, when it`s wrong. Possible ICQ: Are we going to fill in the blanks? No. Will we put a tick for the right answer? Yes. Then I will play the song again. They will peer-check. I will project the HO on the wall and ask the ss to tick or cross the sentences for feedback.

Cut-ups for boardrace (4-6 minutes) • Listening for detail

I will group the ss in 2 goups. Then I will show the cut-ups and explain: Here are parts of the song. Each group will put them in the right order on the board. This is a race, so you better stand up. You run to the board and stick the right part on it, then you run back and get another part and so on. Who finishes first and has the right orer, wins. Don`t look on the other HOs, that`s cheating! We`ll check the answers togehter on the board for feedback.

Follow-up: Speaking (5-7 minutes) • to get them to talk about the song

I will have them in groups of 3 and ask: How do you fell when the weather is rainiy? And how does the singer feel? Is he sad or happy? Why? I will put the questions on the board. While they are discussing, I will monitor closely and take notes of good/bad language. Once the time is up, they will check their answers with the other groups and after that I will put good/bad use of present continuous and present simple on the board.

potential Filler (3-5 minutes) • an extra activity

If there will be spare time, I will ask them if they would like to watch the video of this song or the new version. I will show the video, if they want to see it.

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