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In this lesson I will use MFP technique and give different meanings of the verb "will". Then Ss willdo activities to have a clear understanding of the different uses of will and to practice form of the verb. They will also learn vocabulary.


Abc Sue&Helen Dialogue
Abc Gap-Fill Handout - will

Main Aims

  • For the Ss to revise and practice "will" in the context of having a party.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss will learn vocabulary and they will practice target language in writing.


Lead-in (5-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and lexis

I will draw a timeline on the WB, stick Sue's picture in the middle of it and mark that point as now. I will elicit the verb "to decide" by saying that I decided to talk about Sue. Also I will probably explaine the meanings of the verbs "to offer" and "to agree". I will explain she got bored, she doesn't have any plan, she doesn't know what to do and she sees Helen. I will stick Helen's picture on the WB.

Language Analysis (15-20 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the task language

To give the meaning of "will" as a decision made while talking, I will stick Sue and Helen's dialogue on the WB and ask CCQs: 1. What do they decide to do? 2. When do they decide to have a party? if necessary --> 3. Did they decide to it yesterday? (show on the time line). I will write the second part of the dialogue on WB to give the "agreement" meaning: Sue: Can you call and invite Hıdır and Özden? Helen: Sure, I'll call them. CCQs: 1. What does Helen do? 2. Was it Helen's idea? if necessary --> 3. Whose idea is this? 4. Did Helen accept it? I will write the third part of the dialogue on WB to give the "promise" meaning: Sue: Can I borrow your dress? I'll bring it back, I promise. CCQs: 1. What does Sue want? 2. Does she brings it back? 3. How do we know? I will write the fourth part of the dialogue on WB to give the "offer" meaning: Sue: We need to clean the house, I'll help you. CCQs: 1. What does Sue do? 2. Did Helen ask for her help? 3. Whose idea is to help? I will write one more sentence on WB to give the "prediction" meaning: Hıdır: Özden, let's go to Sue and Helen's party. It'll be fun. CCQs: 1. Why Hıdır wants to go to the party? 2. How does he know it'll be fun? if necessary --> 3. Is he sure it'll be fun? Ater giving the meaning I will revise the structure on the sentence "I'll help you" in affirmative, contracted affirmative, negative and question forms. (Subject + will ('ll) + Verb 1st form) Lastly I'll drill Ss for pronounciation.

Task (7-10 minutes) • Ss to digest offer, promise, decision and prediction meanings of the verb "will".

There are 16 pieces of paper with sentences bearing offer, decision, prediction and promise meanings of the verb "will". I will write these four titles on the WB and Ss will stick the correct sentences under the titles. Then we will check the results as WC.

Task (10-15 minutes) • for Ss to practice "will" with their partners.

In the handouts given Ss will write what they think they will be doing on a given point in the future. Than they will do PW and ask eachother what they will be doing.

Task (5-7 minutes) • For Ss to practice form of the verb "will"

That's a fill-in the blanks exercise where Ss will form the verbs given with the model verb "will".

Review (3-3 minutes) • To have a look to the succesful and erronous language uses

If we have any time left over, I want to mention some points I noticed during monitoring.

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