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Teaching Practice 5
Elementary level


In this lesson, the ss will review and extend their knowledge of adjectives of opinion in the context of places to visit. The lesson starts with a lead in and the ss will do an activity focusing on the TL. After the lead in, the teacher will review the nine adjectives of opinion, using the photos to focus on meaning, form and pronunciation. Only after the teacher feels that the ss are clear in M, F, and P, will she write the words on the WB and then move on the Pre-Listening Activity. The Listening activity will have the ss underline the correct adjective of opinion when they hear it. The Post-Listening Activities will have the ss sort the adjectives (both in terms of postive/negative and grades of opinion). To practice the TL, ss will do both a controlled (and if time permits, a semi-controlled activity) in the form of gap-fills. A freer Speaking activity will have ss work in pairs to interview each other about different aspects of Istanbul, utilizing the TL. If time permits, a second free Speaking activity will be done giving the ss additional speaking practice in fluency.


Abc My Sister is Coming to Istanbul
Abc Handout #1 - Listening and Postive/Negative
Abc Adjectives to put on WB
Abc Handout #4 - Speaking - Tell me about Istanbul
Abc Handout #5 - Speaking - Examples of
Abc Handout #2 - Gap Fill Circle
Abc Handout #3 - Gap Fill

Main Aims

  • Lexis - To introduce and give ss controlled and freer practice in adjectives of opinion in the context of places to visit.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking - To give ss practice in accuracy and speaking for fluency.


Lead In (5 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson and spark the ss interest.

Put ss in pairs. Explain to ss that my sister is coming to Istanbul. Set Task: Explain that the ss need to listen to the story and put the cut-up sentences in order (first, second, third, etc.) For example, "The Four Seasons is a nice hotel." That sentence is first. FB: Have ss check their sentence order with other groups. Ask if they need to hear it again? Does Everyone agree? Take away the sentences.

Stage 1 (15 minutes) • To focus on the adjectives of opinion and make sure ss understand meaning, form and pronunciation.

Now, show ss pictures based on the story and ask if they can remember some of the words. For example, show ss picture of Four Seasons Hotel: CCQ's: This is the Four Seasons. Is it an awful hotel? Is it a terrible hotel? Is it a NICE hotel? Drill pronunciation of "nice" using choral drilling (WC, men, women, individually) Once the meaning, form and pronunciation are understood, write the word on the right hand side of the WB. Do the same with the remaining 8 adjectives. To make sure ss understand the meaning of the words, do two more activities. First, have ss work in pairs, and sort the words in two columns, positive and negative. Then, when ss are finished, give them the words and have them come up to the WB and place them on a scale. This activity will check to see which words are strong positive, weak positive, and weak negative and strong negative.

Stage 2 - Listening Activity (7 minutes) • To give ss practice hearing the TL in the context of sentences.

Show ss the HO. Explain that they will first read the five sentences. Once they have read the sentences, explain that you will play a recording. The ss will need to listen, and underline the correct word. ICQ's: Will you circle the word? Will you underline the word? Play the first sentence, stop the recording, and say, "For example, the answer to number 1 is..." Show ss that you will underline the correct word. Play the rest of the recording. FB: Do you want to hear it again? Play the recording again. FB: Have ss check their answers with their partner. WC FB: Have ss write the correct words on the WB.

Stage 3 - Controlled Practice (8 minutes) • To give ss practice using the TL in a controlled and possibly semi-controlled activity.

Have ss work in pairs. Set Task: Show ss the handout. Explain that they will look at the picture and then choose the correct words to complete the text. Ss do task. FB: Have them check with other groups. WC FB: Have ss write answers on the WB If time permits, give ss a semi-controlled activity, in which they need to fill-in the gap fills with the TL.

Stage 4 - Speaking Activity (10 minutes) • To give ss practice speaking fluently.

Change up the pairs. Make sure ss know who is SS A and who is SS B. Set Task: Explain that SS A will interview SS B about Istanbul. SS A will ask SS B various questions (using the TL) and SS B will answer. SS A should write the answers on the HO. ICQ's: Who will ask the questions? Who will answer them? Who will write down the answers? Give ss time to interview each other. MONITOR - and take down notes for delayed feedback. When ss are done. SS B will now interview SS A. WC FB: Ask ss what they learned about each other? Go through the questions and find out who answered what.

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