fatma fatma

intermediate level


in this lesson student will know the common uses of have (have = take ) ,( have =eat or drink) ,( have got for " illnesses and injuries) and have got = possess) then do some exercise to provide ensure that student understand this common uses.


Abc new cuttin edge intermediate

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of collocations with ‘have & have got’ in the context of ‘all about you’

Subsidiary Aims

  • Develop oral fluency in the context of ‘all about you’


lead in (2-3 minutes) • to generate interes in the topic of " all about you"

tell students my Friday routine by using verbs (have and have got ) . ask them about their daily routine .

expand cotext (3-5 minutes) • to provide clear situation to elicit use have and have got .

get Ss to answer exercise (1)

feedback (3-5 minutes) • to correct errors in TL

ask students to check their answers in pairs then give them written feedback.

focus on meaning (5-7 minutes) • to provide clarification of meaning of (have)

draw the diagram shows some common uses of have . add the phrases from the previous exercise on the whiteboard and elicit the meaning then explain the meaning

controlled practice (10-15 minutes) • to provide practice of the TL

ask student to do exercise (2,3,4 )

feedback (3-5 minutes) • to enable Ls to check in pairs

ask Ss to check their answer for exercises (2,3,4) with their partners and check answers in public

freer practise (3-5 minutes) • to esure that studet understad the common uses of have

Get Ss to do exercise (4) .( discuss the following questions in pairs)

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