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why work doesn't happen at work
upper intermediate level


In this lesson, students will watch a video for Jason Fried talking about how the managers limit and stop their employee creativity. In this video, Jason provides examples and solutions to prevent interrupting the work. The teacher in the lesson explains the blocking words, gives comprehension question for the students to answer after watching the video. As a last stage, teacher asks several question to the students to discuss, and see what they have learned from the video.


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Main Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about why work doesn't happen at work in the context of manager, creativity, meeting

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a discussion in the context of manager


warm up (8-12 minutes) • to generate interest

Teacher provides pictures for people doing their work outside the workplace, it can be in the train, kitchen,.....etc. The teacher try to elicit what is happening in the pictures from the student, and as soon as the student get the idea, the teacher asks him/her a question. Why would some employee do their work outside the work place? What are some distraction people commonly have to deal with in an office? What things do companies do to minimize the distraction?

Vocabulary (6-10 minutes)

Teacher provides his/her students with a handout contains two columns, one of them is the vocabulary column and the other is their meanings. In this activity the students will match the word with their meaning. This way of learning new vocabulary helps the students to think and depend on themselves more, in the learning progress. The teacher will check the students answers, and correct her/his mistakes if it was found.

TED Talk (15-30 minutes)

In this stage, teacher tell the student that he/ she is going to watch a video by Jason Friede, a software engineer with some revolutionary ideas about how to create a more productive environment in the workplace. To ensure comprehension, teacher tell his/her learner to listen and answer two questions that will be given before the video starts. The questions are: According to Jason Fried, what are the two biggest distraction at work? What are the three recommendation for creating a more productive workplace? Teacher should allow the student to watch the video again If it is needed. After watching, teacher reviews the answers with the student.

conversation Questions (15-25 minutes)

The teacher in this lesson stage, asks the students few question about the video. These question will show what the learner understood and learn from the video. The questions are: Where do you go when you really need to get something done? Have you ever worked from home? Do you think people can be more productive when they do their work at home or at the office? Do you know anybody who prefer to do their job outside the workplace? why do they prefer to do it outside the office? Does your job require creative thinking? do you think companies spend too much time on meetings? why and why not? What is your opinion about having a " no-talk Thursday" at the office?

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