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Shirley Temple, simple past form
Elementary level


In this lesson, SS learn about regular verbs in the simple past by learning about Shirley Temple's life in the present and in the past. SS will read the texts, do a fill-in-the-gaps activity using the simple present and underline verbs used in the simple past while listening to the recordings. SS will focus on a few verbs in the simple past form and use those in two different fill-the-gaps activities, a text, and questions based on that text. At the end of the lesson, SS will have the opportunity to practice asking and answering questions using the simple past form, in a controlled speaking practice.


Abc Pictures of my GPs
Abc Answer key Ex.5
Abc Text about Shirley Temple (Past & present)
Abc Gap-fill handout Ex.5
Abc Answer key Ex.2
Abc Youtube clip Shirley Temple
Abc Word cards for gap-fill activity Ex.5
Abc Question building handout Ex.6
Abc Answer key Ex.6

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of simple past in the context of peoples live's

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information in the context of peoples live's


Warmer/Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Show pictures of my grandparents on the OHP. Ask SS: "Who are they?" "Are they young or are they old?". Elicit answers. Elicit questions from the SS: "When __________ (where they born)?" "Where __________ (were they born/did they live?" "What was their job?". Correct if necessary - quickly drill each question. Write these questions on the whiteboard: "How old is she?" "What's her job?" "Where does she live?". Explain to SS that we will be finding out who Shirley Temple is by watching a short clip. After watching the clip, elicit the answers from SS.

Pre-Reading/Reading and Listening (12-15 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and develop a context for the simple past to be introduced

Pre-teach 'retired' and 'to discuss'. Elicit 'retired' by asking: "What do we call an older person that finished working at their job?" (retired). CCQs: "Does a retired person work or not?" "Is a retired person old or young?". Elicit 'to discuss'. Model. Go to a table (make sure the other SS see and hear me well). Say: "Me and X and X are talking about politics. I say I like Donald Trump. He's a good president. X A says: No, I don't like him. XB asks: why do you like him?", "What do we call this kind of talking?" (discussing). CCQ: "Can one person discuss alone or do we need more people?" Show text A on OHP. Tell SS that this text talks about ST and that we'll try to guess the verbs. Do two examples as a whole class. Then hand out the texts. Instructions: SS work alone. They have two minutes. Listen to the recording and have SS check their answers while listening. Instructions: listen, don't write. check your answers. Display answer key on the OHP. "Is this text talking about her now or in the past?". Now. "Now we are going to listen to another recording about when she was young". "Is that now or in the past?" past. Look at the first sentence. Elicit the verb from a S. Ask SS to underline the verb. Do a second example together. Make sure all SS are in the game. Listen to the recording and ask SS to underline all the verbs they hear. ICQ: "Are we going to listen and underline or to write?" Feedback: "Now she works at Stanford University when she was a child she _____ in films". "When she was three years old she _____ (started) in films". "She ______ (liked) acting very much". CCQs: "What do we call this type of words?" verbs. "Are they in the present, past or future?" past. "Is the action finished or unfinished?" finished. "Who can tell me the grammar word for this?" simple past form.

Drilling/listening/While-listening activity (6-9 minutes) • To provide students with an opportunity to practice the simple past form through a gap-fill and listening activity

Elicit the past simple form of 'want', 'like', 'work', 'study'. Quickly drill. Gather SS around a table. Demo ex.5. Ask SS to help you find the right word. Do two examples together with the whole class. Then mix groups up and have them finish the activity in pairs. ICQs: "Are you going to work alone or in pairs?" "Do we need to write?" "How much time do we have?" Two minutes. Listen to recording. Display answer key on OHP.

Form Questions using the simple past/controlled speaking activity (10-15 minutes) • To provide students with the information and opportunity to form and practice questions using the simple past form

Ask SS to gather around a table. Hand out the question sheet. Model first question. Ask SS to help with the second question. Do a third one all together if necessary. Ask SS to work alone. Give them 4 minutes. Monitor and take note of errors. Get SS to check their answers with their neighbors first, then elicit a couple of questions. Drill them quickly if needed. Display answer key on OHP. Demo: asking each other these questions. A - B, B - A. Get SS to get up and find a partner to practice with. ICQs: "Are we going to sit down or to stand up?" "Am I going to ask all the questions or you one, me one?" Change pairs if there's time for another round.

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