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love affairs - elvis presley
pre-intermediate level


with the reading section student will find answers for -wh questions, with the listening section they will listen to a song and try to fill in the blanks with the new words


Abc unit 3

Main Aims

  • To provide answers for -wh questions
  • To provide detailed listening to hear the missing words and also understand the song make a connection between the new words and their meaning

Subsidiary Aims

  • listening part is to teach new vocabulary and and reading part is to develop their understanding from what they read


love? • warm up

we are going to talk about love, maybe our first lovers, and students will be asked a few questions about couples in turkey but famous ones. a little bit brain-storming, then we are going to skip on the couples arourd the world. it is a speaking activity. to get familiar with the topic

picture matching • to get familier with the celebrities concerned in the reading passage

we are going to match the pictures of celebrities. by this activity we will try to remember them.

reading • trying to guess and check the answers

students are going to try to guess answers of -wh questions given before the reading passage and then by scanning, they will check theiranswers.

remembering Elvis Presley • warm up

students are going to be given a handout a little information is written on that about Elvis.

listening • building up new vocabulary

first, students are going to be asked for the definition of a phrase. but choises will be given on the handout. so the will circle the correct one. then they are going to listen to a song of Elvis and they will try to fill in the blanks with the words given in the box above.

understanding the song • what we understand from the listening

students will be given some sentences and they will choose the correct alternative, positive or negative, its all about the singer then they will be given some sentences and these sentenses have some stuff which are different (synonyms used) in the song, and they are supposed the find these different stuff.

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