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Elementary level


In this lesson SS will have to discover the topic of the day starting with the hangman game. Once they found out that they will deal with "months", they are going to focus on their pronunciation and separate them in a chart according to that criteria. SS will then speak about their favourite month in a PW and listen to a recording when four different people are talking about some special days. It will be the moment to discuss the special days of their own country, both in pairs and with the WC. I will then start a brief funcional language demonstration about how we write and say the date in English. SS will practice that in pairs. The lesson will finish with a star facts game to be played in a mingling speaking activity.


Abc Straightforward Elementary Ss Bk

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson SS will be able to use some new vocabulary related to months and special days

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson SS will be able to understand someone talking about a specific date practicing their receptive skill of listening
  • Moreover SS will be able to speak about a special day for their contry and their personal life practicing their productive skill of speaking


Lead-in (3-6 minutes) • To get SS interested and familiar with a context

I will welcome SS in class after the break incouraging them by saying that they've been doing very good and they almost made to complete another week of study. I will divide them in 3 big groups according to 3 words related to time and dates: today, yesterday, tomorrow. We will start to play hangman to discover the topic of the lesson. I will write the question on the board: "what's the topic of today?" and say that somehow it's related to what they have just studied before. The first word will be "months", and then I will let them guess two or three months.

Vocabulary and pronunciation task (2-4 minutes) • To let the students get some new vocabulary and practice its pronunciation

I will use a calendar as a realia and ask SS which is the first month of the year (January) I will do the same for the third (March), the fourth (April), the seventh (July), the ninth (September). In this way we will also repeat ordinal numbers. I will create the chart with major and minor stresses, and then keep following the ECDW procedure. While writing down the months I will remind SS that they always need the capital letter.

Vocabulary and pronunciation task #2 (2-3 minutes) • To let the SS focus on new vocabulary and pronunciation

I will give them a copy of the chart that I drew on the WB and 6 months left to be placed in there. They will work in groups. To check if they understood the activity I will ask them: "are you going to work alone or in groups?", "are you going to write or speak?". Then each group will come to the board to write two of the six months in the right place.

Feedback to the vocab and pronunciation task (2-3 minutes) • To give the correct answers

SS will check their answers thanks to a listening track. It will follow a choral drilling with WC.

Speaking task #1 (2-3 minutes) • To let the SS practice their productive speaking skill

SS will then discuss in pairs answering the question: "what's your favourite month?", "Why"? I will write them on the board. It will follow a quick feedback with a WC discussion. I will ask some pairs about what they found out about each other's preferences.

Listening for gist Task #1 (2-3 minutes) • To get an overall idea of the recording

SS will now listen to four people talking about special days that they like. They should match every speaker with a picture labelled by a letter. Some new words to be elicited can come up from the recording. For example: eve, day off, bank holiday. (see Language analysis)

Feedback to the listening for gist task (1-2 minutes) • To give the correct answers

SS will discuss their answers in their groups. After this brief discussion, I will write the answers on the board.

Detailed listening Task (2-3 minutes) • To get some specific information from the recording

SS will listen to the recording again using the same HO to recognize in which months the four special days mentioned are happening. They are allowed to work as a group.

Feedback to the detailed listening task (1-2 minutes) • To give the correct answers

In this case, after they have already worked in groups, I will give SS an answer key.

Speaking task #2 (2-3 minutes) • To let the SS practice their productive speaking skill

It's time to answer some other questions related to the topic, but SS will do that in pairs. In relation to the four special days mentioned in the recording, I will ask them: "do you have these days here in Turkey?", "Do people go to work on these days?", "What do they usually do?". To check the instructions I will ask them: "are you going to speak or write?", "are you going to discuss this in groups or in pairs?"

Functional language demonstration (2-4 minutes) • To let the SS learn how to use the language in a real life context

I will then ask the class which are the special days of an average Turkish year. I will let them guess some dates and pick up the Republic day as a main example showing them a picture of the typical fireworks celebration on the Bosphorus. I will ask them: "what date is Republic day in Turkey?". I will take advantage of possible mistakes and use this example to write down the date four different ways: 29th October, 1923 or 29 October 1923 or 29/10/1923 or 10/29/1923. I will then say the date in two different ways: the twenty-ninth of October nineteen twenty-three or October the twenty-ninth nineteen twenty-three. I will then try to elicit from the student the questions for the present day: "What's the date today?" or "What date is it today?"

Functional language practice #1 (2-3 minutes) • To practice the language SS have just learnt

I will write six dates on the board. SS still divided in groups since the beginning of the lesson - even if they got the chance to have some PW - are going to say the date loud.

Star facts game (5-10 minutes) • To keep practicing the language SS have just learnt

As a last activity, I will write my star on the board reminding SS this game they've already played in past lessons. This time each tip of the star will have a date. So each SS is going to write his/her most important dates of his/her life. After that, SS will mingle in the class showing the dates to a partner and asking each other "why is this date so important for you?"

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