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Jobs Lesson
A1 level


In this lesson, students learn about third person -s through guided discovery based on a listening activity related to jobs. The lesson starts with a warm-up activity related to jobs. Later they will have some controlled and free practice in the context of third person -s.


Abc Gap-fill handout, game cards, paste-ups, toy.

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, students will have been able to use and pronounce the third person -s in verbs correctly. They will have also been able to use the negative and interrogative forms in Present Simple Tense within the context of jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will have developed their ability to listen for gist and specific information related to jobs context.


Lead-in (2 minutes) • To review the previous reading passage and to refresh their memories

-Greet Ss. -Hang two flags on the board and draw the Ss' attention to the topic. -Ask Ss which countries they think these flags belong to and elicit the answers.

Introduce context (3 minutes) • To activate students knowledge about the topic

-Elicit, concept check and drill 'flag'. Write phonemic transcription of 'flag' on the board including the parts of speech. -Ask Ss if they remember Andrew Johnson and Claudia Luke from the previous lesson and elicit the answers.

Pre-listening Task (5 minutes) • To get students ready for the listening task and provide them opportunities to speak.

-Put the paste-ups on the board. -Students work in pairs and put the paste-ups under the right flag. -Class feedback.

Pre-teach vocabulary (3 minutes) • To make students learn the vocabulary essential for the listening task.

Elicit, concept check and drill: 'comes, goes, earns, lives' Write them on board including the parts of speech.

Gist Listening (5 minutes) • To improve Ss listening skills for gist.

-Give Ss the handouts. -Play the audio. -Students check their answers in pairs. -Class feedback.

Listening for specific information (8 minutes) • To make students improve their listening skills for specific information.

-Give Ss the handouts. -Play the audio. - Ss check their answers in pairs. -Play the audio once again if necessary. -Class feedback.

Guided Practice (13 minutes) • To engage the Ss in the process of the discovery of 'third person -s' and make Ss interact with each other during group work.

-Give the handouts to the Ss. -Ss work individually. -Ss check their answers in pairs. -Classroom feedback. -Give answer key to the Ss.

Controlled Practice (7 minutes) • To check Ss comprehension.

-Draw a diagram on the board showing the positive, negative and interrogative forms of Present Simple Tense. -Model and drill sentence forms. Backchain for longer utterances. - Get Ss ask each other Present Simple questions if you have extra time.

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