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TP 2 Functional Language Invitations and Suggestions
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn more and practice functional language on invitations and suggestions, which they have heard before in a listening lesson. The lesson will start with eliciting the difference between invitations and suggestions by using 2 example sentences from the audio file. Then, students will do a guided discovery exercise to find out the correct verb forms for each phrase, before we will clarify this (and suitable responses) in class. After that, we practice this functional language in a controlled exercise as a dialogue. At the end of the lesson students have to practice this dialogue with a partner.


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Main Aims

  • Review Functional Language

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students semi-controlled speaking practice (using functional language) to develop their spoken accuracy.


Lead-In (5-7 minutes) • Elicit the concepts of 'inviting' and 'suggesting'

Elicit the concepts of 'inviting' and 'suggesting': - t. projects picture of Nancy, Seb. and Jason - t. draws speaking bubbles - connects to listening part before - t. asks students: Why are they telephoning? Why is Nancy calling Sebastien? What does Sebastien tell Nancy? - t. writes 2 sentences on the board, next to the pic A: 'Would you like to come to my dinner party next Saturday?' B: 'Okay, cool! Shall I come at 9 pm or 10 pm?' - t. groups students in pairs - t. gives instructions 'Discuss these sentences.' Are they different? When do we use A? When do we use B?

Language Focus (5-7 minutes) • To look at the functional language in detail Part II

Guided Discovery: - t projects 2 possible definitions on board (ppt) - wc decides which is correct for I or S Testing Knowledge (can be dropped) - t. gives puts students in pairs - t. gives instructions: Work in pairs Look at the part 'Invitations and Suggestions' Choose the correct verb form - t. ask ICQ: Which part do you look at? Answer: Invitations and Suggestions - t gives out transcript-handout - sts exchange their handouts with pair behind/ next to them - t hands out transcript - sts check in pairs - wcfb

Language Focus II (10-15 minutes) • Clarifying Questions and Responses of Functional Language

Elicit Meaning and Form (GD) - t puts sts work indiviually - projects exercise on board (WordDoc) - EX 1: gives instructions: Look at the sentences Which one is an Invitation? Write I Which one is a suggestion? Write S - sts check in pairs - t elicits answers - EX 2: t gives instructions Look at exercise 2 Read the statements. Decide True or False - sts check with their peers - Ex 3: t gives handout (copy from book) - t puts sts in pairs - t gives instructions Look at the 2 handouts Look at the lower part Which answer can you give to each question? - t hands out answer key

Language Focus III (5-7 minutes) • Drilling the Functional Language with Focus on Polite Responses

Intonation Activity _ Demonstration - t demonstrates: Holds up a activity card > forms a question Holds up a response card > forms a response - t groups boys on one side/ girls on the other side of the classroom - t gives instructions group A: I will hold up cards with a clue. Look at the card. Form a sentence and aks your friends group B: I will hold up a card with a response Look at my face too Answer your friend Be careful with your emotions! (Polite, friendly..)

Controlled Practice (10 minutes) • Give students the chance to practice the language in a dialogue.

- t puts students in pairs - t gives instructions 'Work with a partner' 'Look at the exercise' 'Put the verbs in the correct form' - t hands out handout - check wc - CCQ: What is the dialogue about? - t. shows 3 missing sentences in pp - t gives instructions Match the sentences to the correct place

Speaking (5-7 minutes) • Give students the chance to practice the language in a speaking activity

- t pairs students in Dan's and Lucy's - t gives instructions 'Get up' 'Meet your partner.' 'Practice this dialogue with your partner' - if time: re-group and second round

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