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Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will develop productive skill by speaking in the context of internet. Ss will expand the language system of vocabulary on type of websites and they will make information gap conversation practice on websites.As the main aim of the lesson, Ss will develop receptive skill by listening for gist to understand the meaning of online community and by listening for details to answer 8 comprehension Qs.At the last stage of the lesson, Ss will discuss about pros and cons of online communities as a freer practice for production skill by speaking.


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Abc Answer key HOs
Abc HO Student A-B
Abc HO3-Discussion Qs
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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about website types in the context of internet communities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of types of websites in the context of internet communities


Stage 1 (lead in) (5-6 minutes) • to set the context of the lesson and to activate Ss' schemata

-Great the Ss -Show the pictures and elicit examples for each type of website -explain 'corporate' and focus on its part of speech, stress, rhtym features

Stage 2 (pre-teach vocab) (7-9 minutes) • to test the Ss background knowledge for target vocabular and provide clarification for the new ones

-ask Ss look at the pictures,read the Qs in 1A and match the answers with the pictures individually -Set the time -Nominate the early finishers to check the answers of others and give reason -PW and WG FB on the W/B -Finish the activity by asking how often they use these websites.

stage 3 (vocab reinforcement) (8-10 minutes) • to provide more examples for the new vocabulary and reinforce the words with semi-controlled practice and information gap speaking practice

A) -Ask Ss match the numbers with the letters -set the time -ICQs -Give VOC1 HOs from the workbook. -Pair check and WG check for the different ones only -Let Ss explain their reasons for the answers. B) -Explain Ss that they will make an information gap activity, they will have different worksheets from the partners,one of the will read a non-completed sentence while the other write answer to finish the sentence in ex 1 then they will change the roles and do the same thing for ex 2. -Demonstrate the instructions both as student A and B -Give the HO Student A-B -Set the time -Observe the Ss -Praise the Ss and ask them to make at least 1 sentence for one of the new vocabulary in the context of website types to give task based FB

Stage 4 (listening for gist) (4-6 minutes) • to set a context of the track and make the Ss familiar with the text before detailed listening practice

-Draw Stick people on the W/B and explain that they will listen 4 people talking about their online communites. -let them listen to understand what online communities are -ask them to listen and try to understand the meaning of onlıne community alone -ICQS -Play the recording (you can use the track on ppt presentation) -Let the Ss discuss their answers with the partners -Nominate the volunteer ones to share the answer -practise the pronunciation of community -show the definition of it and ask the Ss to decide their answer is T or F according to definition on the ppt presentation

Stage 5 (listening for details) (4-5 minutes) • To develop receptive skill by listening for details

-Explain Ss that they will listen to same track but this time for answer some Qs -Give the HO3 discussion Qs and give 1 minute to read the Qs and underline some keywords -Play the track -Pair check and WGFB for the answers (different ones first)

Stage 6 (post listening as speaking practice) (8-9 minutes) • To develop productive skill by speaking and give task based FB.

-divide Ss into 2 groups -Attain them one for prons the other for cons of online communities -Let them defence one side as a group -Give 3 minutes for them to find supportive ideas with their groups -Let them practice debate as a post listening practice -observe and take notes during their discussion -Task based WG FB

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