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In this lesson, students will learn how to use wh-questions in the present simple through a guided discovery based on a reading text. The lesson starts by getting to know a famous Turkish actor, this followed by a text where students are presented the language target. Finally, there is a controlled speaking practice where students use the language productively. - See more at:


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Main Aims

  • To provide a practice of wh-questions in the simple present.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an oral practice and use the langauge productively.


Lead-in/ building context (1-5 minutes) • To generate interest and creat a context for the topic.

The teacher projects a picture of a famous Turkish actor. the teacher allows some time for students to think about their questions and allows them to fire questions asking about the actor, the teacher keeps getting question and then answers five wh-questions as WC FB.

Reading task (1-10 minutes) • To contexualise and introduce the target langauge.

- Teacher gives a text HO1 to students and asks them to read it twice and then answer the questions in pairs. ICQ: How many times are you going to read the text? Are you going to answer the questions in pairs or alone? -Students check their answers in groups before a the does a WCFB on the board.

Highlighting target langauge (1-10 minutes) • To highlight the target language so that learners are focused on it.

- Teacher gives HO2 to students and ask them to work in pairs to put the right question in the right column. - Students check their answer in groups. - Teacher gives an answer key for feedback. - if there are fast finishers, you can provide extra practice for them.

Clarifying the target langauge (1-10 minutes) • To provide clarification for Meaning, form and pronunciation.

- Teacher gives students HO3. - Teacher asks SS to put the scrambled words in the right order and form wh-questions. - T asks SS to check their answers in groups before feedback. - T gets students at board at once to write up the answers as a feedback.

language practice (1-10 minutes) • To provide a freer oral pratice and use target langauge productively.

- Projects HO4 which includes wh-questions. -Ask SS students to work in pairs and interview each other usng those questions. -Once finished, ask SS to switch partners. They should tell what they have learnt about their partner. - you can choose one student and do a demo with him for clear instructions.

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