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Teaching Preactice 7
Beginner level


In this lesson students will practise reading for gist and close reading through three texts about three amazing days. They will also listen scripts for gist. At the final stage, they will practise speaking for fluency by using role play cards about different amazing days.


Abc H01
Abc HO 2
Abc Role play cards
Abc concert, stadium, the World Cup, football match and fireworks pictures
Abc photographs of Tania, Melanie and Pascal

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed, scan and gist reading in the context of amazing days

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of key vocabulary items in the context of amazing days


Lead-in (0-5 minutes) • To introduce the context to the ss through a game and create interest in the topic of the day

T will write '' .................. Days'' on the WB.Ss will play Chinese Whisper game by telling the word ''amazing'' to one another. The last student will shout the word out and if it is necessary, T will correct him and write the word on the board.

Pre-teaching vocabulary (0-5 minutes) • To clarify the meaning of key vocabulary items in the reading text

T will show some numbers to ss in order to highlight the difference between the years and the cardinal numbers.T will show some pictures to ss in order to elicit the key vocabulary from ss and she will write the words on the board by highlighting the stresses on the words.

Drilling (0-5 minutes) • To provide ss to practise the pronunciation of key vocabulary items

Ss will drill the words in varied ways such as repeating in groups or mumbling.

Reading activity (0-10 minutes) • To provide practice in reading for gist

The photographs of the characters in the text will be stick on the WB by T and their names will be asked to the ss.T will right their names below the photos.Ss will read the text quickly to guess what the characters' amazing days were. Then they will listen to their amazing days on the tape twice and complete the gaps on their paper. Finally, ss will check their answers in pairs and T will give feedback by writing the answers below the pictures. They will be model sentences for ss.

Choosing the correct word activity (0-5 minutes) • To enable ss to practise in close reading through a controlled activity

Ss will read the text silently and circle the correct answer accordingly. They will check their answers in pairs. T will tell the answers as WCFB.

Underlining the grammatical structure in the text (0-5 minutes) • To encourage ss to scan the text to find out the past form of verb to be to draw their attention to grammatical structure

T will write the words was - were - weren't-wasn't 'on the board. She will want ss to look for and underline these words in the text. After ss finish, T will ask them for the answers and she will circle those words on the WB by showing the model sentences.

Role play (0-7 minutes) • To provide ss to speak for fluency through a free activity

Ss will stand up and be divided into two groups. They will ask questions to their friends such as '' What was your amazing day?'', ''When was it?'' and ''Where was it?''. They will answer those questions by using the information on their cards. While they are doing it, T will be monitoring them.

Error Correction (0-3 minutes) • To enable ss to correct their mistakes

After the role play activity, T will write ss' mistakes on the board and want ss to correct them.

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