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Grammar lesson
Elementary level


Abc matching activity
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Main Aims

  • To introduce/review and give the Ss practice in Present Simple-Wh-questions and give short answers in the context of who we live with .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To enable Ss to speak fluently when asking personal questions about a present situation .


Warmer/Lead in (5 minutes) • To get the students into the English mood and set the lesson context and engage students .

TheT will divide the class into two groups then will divide the board to two sections each for one group and will write the Wh-words in each part with pictures of things,people,places and time. this is followed by the students from every group putting each picture under each word . This activity will last as much as the song playing in the background.

reflecting on the reading text (7-8 minutes) • to use the questions from the reading in the previous lesson to focus Ss on the Wh-questions

Ss will go back to the text to anwser the questions about the Adam's life and then reflect the questions on their own lives .

Eliciting the form (10 minutes) • To make Ss think about the form of the Wh-questions and the intonation and pronnunciation

T will write the Wh-question structure leaving some missing parts and then asking the students to look at the questions in the text to complete the form of the questions . In the second part of this stage the teacher will move on to review the WH-questions Intonation and pronunciation .

Controlled practice (15-20 minutes) • -To provide controlled written practice focused on using the lnanguage accurately . -To provide freer oral practice and use the language productively .

Ss will be given handouts of Ex 1 and Ex 2 to filll in the gaps with the correct Wh-word and to rerrange the sentences . Moving on to the freer Ex where the students will have to anwerd teh questions in Ex 2 .

Extra Task (10-12 minutes) • to engage in a real life context

Ss will interview one another then they will change partners and start talking about their last partners while changing the questions and answers to third personal prounoun .

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