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Adjective+noun grammar structure; Speaking
A1 level


In this lesson students will go through Adjective+Noun grammar structure. The clarification of the meaning of the target language will take place.


Abc Course book HO

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Adjective+Noun in the context of Nationalities

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Lead in • To set the context and get the learners engaged in the topic

T shows the video about funny interpreter, who is imitating different languages, in order to warm up students and set the contents of the lesson. T gives pictures with flags of the countries they have learned on the previous lesson, where the nationality is written as well. On the other side of the paper students have words. T chests the picture: -I am from Italy. I am Italian. I will throw the ball to you one by one an you should say your nationality by looking at the picture. ICQ: -What will you do? T turns the paper where he has the word food. T: -I am an italian food. Who am I? -Now you should open the other part of the paper, and tell me who you are. ICQ: -What will you do? One by one SS give answers.

Highlighting target language. • To highlight the target language

T reflects ex 5 from the course book. There some pictures with sentences where the adjective is missing. T gives HO with the same exercise. -Look at the pictures, read the sentences and think what is missing. -Fill the gaps, -You have 5 minutes. -Check with your partner. ICQ -How many minutes do you have? -What will you do? T: -Now I will play the recording. You will litem to it 2 times, -Listen and check ICQ: -What will you do? -How many times you will listen to the recording? T reflects answers on the board as a FB.

Clarifying target language • To clarify meaning of target language, To model and provide controlled practice of pronunciation. Highlight form.

T writes the wrong sentence on the WB: "It's car an american" T elicits their ideas about grammar mistake in it. T writes the correct sentence and emphasizes the order of Adjective+Noun. T drills this structure: 1. It’s an American car. 2. It’s German beer. 3. They’re Spanish oranges. 4. It’s a Japanese camera. 5. It’s Mexican food. 6. It’s an English dictionary. 7. It’s an Italian bag. 8. It’s Brazilian coffee. 9. It’s French wine. T reminds students of the plural form by contrasting two sentences on the board: -It's an American car. It's.. for singular -They're Spanish oranges. They're…for plural T pays students' attention to the grammar spot they have on the HO

Language practice • To provide freer oral\written practice of Present simple, nationalities, and noun+adjective word order in apersonalized way

T writes the verbs have\eat\drink on the board and elicits adjectives and noun that can go with each verb. T gives his\her own example -I have an italian car, but I don't have a Japanese motorbike. T gives instructions: -Write sentences with every verb. You will write three sentences following my example. -Talk to your partner. -You have 6 minutes. ICQ: -How many minutes do you have? -How many sentences will you write? T monitors and gives FB by helping and checking for accuracy. T focuses attention on the example questions in the speech bubbles. T gives instructions: -You should write four questions using have\eat\drink, -Don't forget about adjective+noun combinations. -You have 5 minutes ICQ: - How many minutes do you have? -How many questions will you write? T monitors and help. T drills questions and and answers in the speech bubbles. T: -Now walk across the class and work in open pairs. Ask and answer. -You have 5 minutes. ICQ: -How many minutes do you have? -Will you talk to your partner? T monitors and checks the corrects usage of the grammar structure.

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