Saeid Ashkriz Saeid Ashkriz

essay writing,conclusion
advance level


Main Aims

  • working more on writing a conclusion paragraph and reviewing some examples

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a essay in the context of sport


review (25-30 minutes) • to check student's perception of writing a conclusion paragraph

T-S ask SS to read their essay to the class S-S ask SS to take notes and write any comments about the structure, grammar and lexical. T-S ask the chosen student to read her essay and check it by details to establish the strategies and all hints on writing a conclusion part

sport,health (15-20 minutes) • one complete review of a whole essay

T-S ask SS to work in pairs and check the pdf file of an opinion essay on their cellphone T-S ask SS to find the structure of the essay including introduction main body and conclusion,find the thesis statement,some expressions of main body, strategy of conclusion paragraph S-S work in pairs T-S ask SS to come to the board and write their findings S-S check the answers with SS

Feed back • receiving a complete feedback

T-S consider a topic for SS as their assignment S-S discuss about the topic if accepted, they will write

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