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TP 1a
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will read and discuss student life. They will also learn to use the demonstrative pronoun 'this' along with common objects. They will finally learn how to greet depending on the register.


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Main Aims

  • To present "this" and some vocabulary items for common objects, with practice.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading a text about student life.


Reading (0-15 minutes) • Reading a text about student life.

Lead-in: introduce yourself. Note that some members of the class are university students. Reading: Student life on page 12. This is a reading for gist (not with dictionaries) but you can help them with vocabulary especially for desk, bed, things in a room. Speaking "What is normal": this could be a quick question to the whole class.

Keyword This (0-20 minutes) • Learn how to use "this" to introduce someone or to describe an object.

On page 11, keyword "this" is presented using recording 1.21 and the small picture of a room but you might prefer just to point at real objects where possible. Maybe bring flashcards or pictures into the class bearing in mind the target is "things in a room." Speaking: If you have chosen to use the picture on page 11 students talk about it in pairs. Or you might find some other way to ask "What's this?" and answer. You will need to monitor to check they are not getting the words confused. Students can also talk about the things they have in their pockets or bags. Possible extension: be prepared if there is time, to extend a little with plural "these" or maybe contrast "this" and "that".

Speaking (0-10 minutes) • Learn about formality in greeting and saying goodbye.

Page 12. First establish the ideas of informality in 1. Thanks compared with "thank you". Finnish with the saying goodbye section, ex.3.

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