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my party , vocab
starter ~ first friends 2 level


in this lesson Ss learn some new words about foods and snacks and what ever we have in a party like = ice cream , sandwich , cake .................


Main Aims

  • Ss must understand the meaning of the words and make sentence

Subsidiary Aims

  • board managing - level adaption - being friendly


lead in (2-3 minutes) • warm up

ask about how they feel ( hello_ how are you? - are you ok ) make my materials ready to use

engagement (1-2 minutes) • make Ss ready for teaching

show a video about this topic and make Ss ready for main part of the teaching and clap, sing that song to make sure Ss dont have any stress

study (5-8 minutes) • start teaching vocabulary

1- present the word (show a pic about that meaning and then ask what is it ? what is this?) 2- brain storm( give just one min for thinking ) 3-then say the word and show some pics 4-point to different thing and ask CCQ Question and put sticker on the board 5-DIRILLLING chorally and individually 6-boarding the word *for all the word*

activation (2-3 minutes) • controlled practice

listen to audio of the book and point to the poicture

activation (3-5 minutes) • less-controlled practice

i should draw some pics about that foods and play with Ss (fishing) 1- put Ss in some groups 2- modelling 3-its Ss turn to play

activation (2-4 minutes) • freer practice

1- give some stickers to Ss (they should speak about that in the group) 2- modeling 3- Ss turn

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