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Build your vocab
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To help the students build vocabulary in certain areas of English.


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Main Aims

  • To go more into depth in certain areas of vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make sure that the lesson is fun and engaging for the students


Warmer/Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To get them to think of as many words to do with business as they can.

Get them to split into 2 groups and to all gather around a whiteboard tell them that they will need to think of as many words as they can that are to do with business. They will get 2 minutes to do this and then we will count up to see how many each team got. The one who gets the most words will win sweets.

Exposure (12-15 minutes) • Matching the definitons with the words.

Give the students a pack of words and a pack of definitions and put them into groups of 3/4 get them as a groups to match all the words and definitions as quick as they can, but they are not allowed to use there phone it has to all be from that they know. Allow them 8 minutes for this. When they have all completed matching all the words go through the correct answers with them and see who got the most correct.

Useful Language (14-17 minutes) • Get them to put the vocabulary into sentences

Get them in groups of 2 and get them to to try and use the vocabulary in small discussions using the situation topic card they are given. Allow up to 15 minutes for this so they are getting to do both sides of the topic card. The topics include; Going into a business meeting You are late to an interview You have a meeting with your boss You are sacking an employee You are hiring an employee

Productive Task (18-20 minutes) • Get them to perform what they have done with their partner.

When they have finished doing role play with there partner get them to show it to the rest of the group, make sure that all the other students are encouraging them and that they are feeling comfortable. Allow up to 20 minutes for this After they have done this talk about all the different situations and how what they might do in a different situation to what they role played.

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