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I Love the Internet
Beginner (A1) level


In this lesson the students will be working on their speaking and listening skills via focusing on the things that can be done on the internet. The lesson will start with a small movie clip from the movie called "The Internship" and will first learn the phrase "online". They will then brainstorm in groups to find things that can be done online and the ideas will be written on the WB and will then be transformed into sentences. They will move on to exercise 1a and fill in the gaps. This will be followed by a listening exercise and a questionnaire for both Alice from the exercise and for the students and it will be in the form of a pair work.To help with sounds they will also be doing some of the exercises on page 61 but instead of listening to the whole recording on 1a, some pictures will be posted on the WB. They will then be doing a "circle the correct word" exercise. The game "Hang Man" will be played and there will be two groups. Finally they will fill in the blanks for exercise 2, Review 7 on page 61 and will finish with a full class mingle playing "Do You Like".


Abc Questionnaire 1st part
Abc Questionnaire part 2
Abc Sounds
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Abc Gap Fill

Main Aims

  • To work on listening and speaking skills

Subsidiary Aims

  • Review of present simple and present simple questions and their pronunciations.


Introduction (The Internship Movie Clip) (0-1 minutes) • To learn the phrase "on line"

Students will watch a short clip from the movie "The Internship" where they will learn how to correctly say "on line" and they will be introduced to the TL.

Brainstorm (9-10 minutes) • To talk about what people can do on the internet

After clarifying the context, students will work in pairs to brainstorm ideas about the usefulness of the internet and how can a person benefit from it. After listing the ideas students will then be asked to turn them into phrases then sentences such as "playing games, I like playing games on the internet".

Questionnaire Part 1 (7-8 minutes) • To focus on the questionnaire and work on related exercises

The students will be given a questionnaire. They will first fill in the blanks with the correct word to prepare it for later use(1a). they will then listen to a recording and will be asked to tick or put an "x" next to the boxes underneath Alice's column on exercise 4a and finally they will be asked to listen again and answer the questions on exercise 4b (pg60).

Questionnaire Part 2 (4-5 minutes) • to have students interview each other

Students will be asked to interview each other by working in pairs just like they did for Alice in the previous exercise via asking "Do you" questions.

Help with Sounds (4-5 minutes) • to improve the pronunciation of the students

Students will be shown visuals which are linked to the words and with the help of drilling they will go over some vocabulary and pronunciation to clarify how to pronounce the sounds such as "sh"

Hang Man (game) (9-10 minutes) • to help students with their spelling and pronunciation

Students will be given words with missing letters and via the game "Hang Man" they will try to find the correct letters in order to form the words then they will say it out loud for pronunciation practice.

Fill in the Gaps (5-6 minutes) • to have students form sentences with "like, love, hate, etc.."

Students will be asked to fill in the gaps with the words given on the WB and the wall to form sentences then they will be asked to do a small class mingle and ask each other "do you like" questions from the activities and foods from the sentences.

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