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TP 7- Food Vocabulary
pre-intermediate level


Abc Laptop and Projector
Abc Photos of food nouns and verbs
Abc white board
Abc Recipe Text
Abc Recipe Cards
Abc Vocabulary List

Main Aims

  • To practice vocabulary - nouns/verbs (imperatives)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide controlled speaking and listening and following directions using recipes


Stage 1 - Lead In to Set Context (2-4 minutes) • Elicit known food nouns and verbs from the class

1. Show picture of Can and Dayla 2. Introduce them and tell the Ss that Can and Dayla cook for me 3. They know alot about food and have alot of recipes

Stage 2 - Elicit Vocabulary (6-8 minutes) • Use pictures to introduce food nouns and verbs

1. Have Ss work in pairs 2. Show HO with food nouns and have the Ss match the word to the picture 3. Ss check their answers in pairs. 4. Show HO with food verbs and have the Ss match the word and the picture 5. Ss check their answers in pairs 6. Handout answer keys as feedback

Stage 3 - Verb/Noun Collocation Practice (6-8 minutes) • SS work in groups to match food noun and verb pictures to make collocations

1. Students are divided into 4 groups 2. Teacher shows students the food item picture (noun) and the food action picture (verb) 3. The teacher tells the students they will match the ver picture and the noun picture. 4. The teacher demonstrates 5. The teacher tells the students to match all pictures at least once and some will match more than once 6. Ask the student "Are you going to match the verb pictures?" Yes. As the students, "Could there be more than one match? Yes 7. Each group gets a set of verb and a set of noun pictures 8. Students match the verb with the noun 9 Teacher conducts whole class feedback - writes T on board with verbs stir, cut, beat, slice, heat, pour, spread 10. As the whole class to share there matches

Stage 4 - Speaking, Listening and Following Directions (12-15 minutes) • The students will practice imperatives by speaking, listening to and following recipes

1. Demonstrate the activity by playing the make a sandwich recording 2. Mime the instructions while the whole class listens 3. Mime eating a sandwich 4. Ask the students What am I eating? 5. Play and act out the recipe again if needed 6. Divide the students into 5 groups of 3 7. Show the students a recipe card 8. Tell the students that everyone will get a recipe but they must keep it secret 9. Tell the students that 1 person at a time in each group will read the recipe while the others in the group act out the steps. 10. The group will try to guess the recipe. 11. After that, the next person in the group will then read their recipe while the others guess. 12. Prior to handing out the recipe cards, as the following ICQ questions: Are we going to give instructions? yes Are we going to act the instructions? yes Is everyone going to read? no Are we going to guess the food? yes Are we going to change the person reading? 13. Pass out the recipe cards to the rest of the students 14. Play music

Stage 5 Speak and Write Instructions (12-15 minutes) • Students will practice vocabulary by writing their own recipes and sharing it with other groups.

1. Have the students work in their groups to write their own recipe and then share those recipes with the other groups. 2. Sit down while the students write their recipes. Occasionally monitor to see how they are doing. 3. After the students are done writing their recipes have them share their recipes with the other groups 4. If time allows, have the students write another recipe and share with the other groups

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