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Shopping-Listening and vocabulary
Intermediate-B1 level


In this lesson, Ss learn and review vocabulary in the context of shopping and listen to a passage in the same context, finally leading to a free fluency speaking.


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Main Aims

  • To provide specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about Shopaholic in the context of shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Shopping words in the context of Shoppping
  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of shopping


Lead-in (1-2 minutes) • To get the Ss interested in new shopping lexis

The Ss are told the anecdote of their teacher being in Ankara for the first time and having been confused about where to shop leading to the question "where can I buy something?". The w/c FB will be written on the w/b in the from of a mind map for "places to go shopping", and later on for "people", and "types of shopping" and they are asked to come up with as many ideas as they can.

Vocabulary clarification (3-5 minutes) • To introduce and clarify some blocking vocabulary in the context of shopping

The Ss are told they are going to add more words to each category on the w/b but from a list. They are put into 3 groups and the list HOs are given out to all. Each group will be responsible to find the related words for one category. Once each group finishes, a secretary writes his/her group's words on the w/b. When all words are put on the w/b, all Ss are called to the w/b to check other categories. Then they are asked to sit back and discuss about the meaning of any unknown word. Because there are probably few of them, the w/c FB by asking what a word means or acting out the word to see if they can remember it will be taken. Finally the Ss are asked to drill chorally or individually.

Vocabulary quiz (4-6 minutes) • Vocabulary concept checking

Some questions like "where do you usually buy thing?", "How do you do that?", "what kind of shopper are you" are asked after a w/c FB, the Ss are told that they are going to fill the gaps in a quiz about shopping without answering the questions in pairs. After 2 or 3 minutes, the answer keys are given out for them to check individually.

Speaking fluency exercise (8-10 minutes) • to practice fluency speaking

The Ss are asked to answer the quiz questions individually so that they will be true for themselves. Then they are told they are going to ask these questions from whoever they run into in the class to find who is most similar to themselves. After 5 or 6 minutes, a w/c FB is taken.

Gist listening (4-5 minutes) • To draw the Ss attention to the main points

The Ss are told that they are going to listen to an interview with Kelli who is a shopaholic person. They are then asked to cross out the questions that are not asked by the interviewer. After listening, they are asked to check their answers in pairs. Finally, the w/c FB is taken.

Detailed listening (8-10 minutes) • To get Ss focus more on details

The Ss are told that they are going to listen to the interview again. But this time, the recording is paused after she gives the answer to each 3 questions and the Ss discuss in pairs. The recording will be repeated if lots of Ss have difficulty hearing. Finally a w/c FB is taken.

Speaking (8-10 minutes) • Fluency Speaking

The Ss are told they are going to role play a dialogue between Katy and one of her friends. That friend wants to advise Katy about being shopaholic. The Ss are put in pairs to act out their dialogue and if time, swap their role or partner. Finally, a w/c is taken.

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