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TP 2b
A2 level


In this lesson, students will be focused on using functional language related to future tense "Will" and "to be going to". Activities will be prominently focused around the productıve skill of speaking and using functional language.


Abc answer the questions
Abc daily schedule
Abc Gap-fill handout
Abc Power-point presentation

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of the future tense `` will`` and `` to be going to`` in the context of hotels/ travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of hotels/ travel by using future tense


Lead-in: (5-6 minutes) • to get model sentences

Linking this lesson to the previous one I will brainstorom and write on WB problems Nicki and Gavin had. In order to guide them I will use some power point presintations. Then I will move on asking students what did the manager said when Nicki and Gavin got to the hotel late (I’ll call the police) what was their response? (It won’t happen again. Next time we’re going to stay at another hotel) in order to get model sentences up on WB.

Language focus (5-6 minutes) • to get the meaning

Using the model sentences I’ll try and get students to tell me the difference in meaning between “will” and “to be going to”. After the meaning is made clear, the form and pronunciation will be elicited and checked from the students.

Semi-controlled practice (11-12 minutes) • grammar sturcture practise

This is an exercise adapted from the Straightforward Pre-intermediate Student's book Kerr.P (2005): Macmillan where student are expected to write answers to questions. Going back to some of the problems on WB students mentioned in lead- in I will ask them what manager could answer if a customer said “the bathroom is dirty”. In order to make instructions clear I will give a model answer for the question and ask one more question to the WC. Students will do this exercise in pairs and I will get WC FB.

Controlled spoken practice (14-15 minutes) • Gramma/ speaking practise

In pairs the students will do fill in the gap exercise 3. Before doing the activity I will answer no.1 and 2. as an example. Then after the students finish the task we will have WC FB and I will check and explain when they get wrong. Then the students will practise the dialogue in pairs.

extra activity : free writing practice (6-7 minutes) • practice the grammar

In this activity I will hand the students a blank daily schedule in a piece of blank A4 paper, By using “will” and “to be going to” structures they have to write their plans for next the week. At the end I will ask some students to read their paper. By commenting and asking some questions based on the answers I will try to check who successfully they understand the lesson.

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