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In this lesson, the students are going to learn vocabulary about clothes and use the vocabulary with in sentences about themselves with the frequency adverbs "usually," "sometimes," and "never" in their sentences to practice a more personalized speaking practice. The final stages of the lesson includes teaching plural nouns (the plural nouns that are used to refer to one thing) and a brief controlled practice to test their understanding of the subject-verb agreement with the plural nouns. The lesson will also be a review for them so that they can remember their lesson about countable and uncountable nouns.


Abc HO 1 (Vocabulary Ex. 1) Sides A and B
Abc HO 2 (Table 1)
Abc HO 3 (Singular/Plural/Always Plural Table)
Abc HO 4 (Choose the Correct Words)

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with a review of colors and clothes and to present and practice new vocabulary about clothing

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide controlled practice for Ss to use frequency adverbs and plural nouns correctly
  • To provide grammar practice for plural nouns


Lead-in to the lesson (2 minutes) • To introduce the context of the lesson (clothes)

-- Ask "What am I wearing?" Ss will give you different answers (a shirt, jeans, trainers). Write them on the WB. -- Ask "What are all of these?" (Answer: clothes).

Task Lead-in (4 minutes) • To activate Ss' schemata in order to teach more vocabulary

-- (DEMO: Show a picture of a hat. WHAT IS THIS? HMM... YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF "HAT." -- On HO1: TICK "A HAT.") -- Give out HO 1 and ask the Ss to tick the words they know.

Matching (8 minutes) • To teach Ss the vocabulary they didn't know

-- Ask Ss to turn over to Side B and match the words with the pictures. (DEMO: ASK WHAT IS "J"? Answer: A HAT. PUT J HERE.) (1 min.) (4 min. or the activity) -- Ask the Ss to check their answers with their partners when they are finished. -- For FB, ask volunteers to the WB. (3 min.)

Pronunciation Work (5 minutes) • To practice pronunciation with the words that Ss might find difficult to pronounce

-- Show pictures of different articles of clothing to elicit the words. -- Give repetition practice and write the important word on the WB and indicate stress.

Lead-in to Speaking Activity (2 minutes) • To activate Ss' schemata of colors

-- Elicit the names of some colors. (DEMO: WHAT COLOR IS THIS? [pointing at something red]. Answer: IT'S RED.)

Controlled Practice Stage 1 (7 minutes) • To get the Ss to personalize the context

-- Draw a 3-column table on the WB. On top, write CLOTHES AND COLORS. -- For the columns, write: I USUALLY WEAR I SOMETIMES WEAR I NEVER WEAR [1 min.] -- (DEMO: Say I NEVER WEAR SHORTS. and put "shorts" in the third column.) (Say I USUALLY WEAR A RED SHIRT in order to demo the colors and put "a red shirt" in the first column.) [1 min.] -- Give out HO 2 (Table 1). -- Demo the above steps with one of the strong Ss and ask Ss to write about themselves. [1 min.] -- Ss do the activity on their own. [4 min.]

Controlled Practice Stage 2 (Speaking) (8 minutes) • To get the Ss to practice speaking, using the words about clothes, colors, and frequency adverbs

-- Put Ss in groups of 3 or 4. [1 min.] -- DEMO the activity, and ask a strong S to tell about his tastes. [1 min.] -- Ss use the HO and the model to speak in groups about themselves. [4 min.] -- Get FB from a few Ss. [2 min.]

Lead-in to Vocabulary Teaching (4 minutes) • To introduce plural nouns and their difference with other nouns

-- Show a picture of a shoe. Elicit: WHAT IS IT? Ask "singular or plural?" -- Show a picture of shoes. Elicit: WHAT ARE THEY? Ask "singular or plural?" Write the elicited words on the board and put the tags Singular and Plural on them. -- Show a picture of socks. Elicit: WHAT ARE THEY?Ask "singular or plural?" -- Show a picture of a sock. Elicit: WHAT IS IT? Ask "singular or plural?" -- Show a picture of trousers. GESTURE to elicit "trousers." Ask "singular or plural?" -- Do the same with "shorts." -- Tell Ss that some words are ALWAYS plural.

VOCABULARY PRACTICE (7 minutes) • To get the Ss to idenify plural nouns

-- Draw a two-column table on the WB and tag the columns as SINGULAR/PLURAL and ALWAYS PLURAL. [1 min.] -- Demo two words (shoes and trousers) on the WB. [1 min.] -- Give the Ss HO3 (Singular/Plural Table) and ask them to put the words from HO1 Side B in the table in groups. [4 min.] Then Ss compare their answers with those of their partners. [1 min.] --

Vocabulary Practice in Sentences (5 minutes) • To test the Ss' understanding of Plural Nouns

-- Give out HO 4 (Choose the Correct Words) and DEMO item #1: The trousers is/are very big. (Answer: are) -- Ask pairs to choose the correct answers. -- Get quick FB to check everyone has the correct answers.

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