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Writing most amazing moment in their life
pre intermediate level


In this lesson students are going to practice writing. They are going to write a most amazing moment in their life. Then they will share their writing with their friends.


Abc Sample text
Abc Extreme sport pictures
Abc Writing paper
Abc Cut strips
Abc Expression cut strips.
Abc Extreme sport video

Main Aims

  • Write a most amazing memory.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Learn new expressions and use them in their writing.


Lead in (5 minutes) • Looking at the Pictures and talk about adrenalin.

I will start the lesson by telling the students about extreme sports. I will show short youtube video. I will give some pictures and I will ask, “Did anyone try any of these extreme sports.” Then I will ask, “Why do people want to do extreme sports.” “Because of the adrenalin,” Adrenaline is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands during high stress or exciting situations.

Discussing (5 minutes) • Sts talk about their own experience

Then I will ask students “Why did you feel that way and when and in which situation”. Students will work in their groups and talk about their experiences.

Lexis (7 minutes) • Learn about expressions

I will stick some expressions on the WB and ask students to talk with their group members and find out the meaning of the expressions. I will go around and monitor the students. Based on the students’ ability to understand, I will explain the word, which confused them.

Introducing the topic (8 minutes) • Cut- strips

I will explain that we are going to read Mike’s story. I will pass out cut strips and I will ask students to put these strips in the right order. They have to figure out which sentence will go under which category. When they are done, I will pass out the actual copy and I will ask them to check their answers.

Writing (10 minutes) • Writing personal narrative

I will pass out a writing paper and ask students to write about the most amazing moment in their life. I will remind them that they need to use at least 3 of these expressions.

Freer practice (10 minutes) • Students practice language

When everyone is done writing about their memory, I will collect each student’s paper and pass them out to different students. Students will read each other’s writings and try to figure out whose writing it is.

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