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telling time
elementary level


in this lesson Ss will learn time and the days of the week. T starts the lesson with the warm-up activity where the teacher asks about the time. teacher clarifies the ways of telling time by showing them some materials of pictures. after that they will lesson to the two ways of telling the time answering some exercises. Finally, they will do a freeier practice activity about ways of telling time.


Abc Gap-fill handout
Abc handout for elementary about the clock
Abc pictures about clock
Abc CD audio track (elementary)

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of language used for functional language in the context of telling time

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about the time lexis


lead- in • warmer

ask students about the time What is the time now?

Elicit the lexis (4-13 minutes) • to introduce students to the time accurately

Activity 1 T uses the photos of clocks, explaining the meaning of( hour, minute, morning, afternoon, evening, A.M, P.M, digital time, mid night, mid day, ordinary time, o'clock) ask Ss to read the time of each clock, drawing hands on the hands-out about digital clock to match the time at the bottom of each clock, answering the questions of( what time is it?) then, Ss will work in pairs to check the answers Use the clock applying the above criteria Activity 2 imagine clock as a cake which cut into pieces. Some of these pieces called (quarter- half- to- past)Minutes around the clock is starting with 5 and going up to 55. giving hands out about the ordinary time. Answering individually the exercise 2( what time is it?write two ways of telling the time) on page 3, then check in pairs. Ask students to listen to the track 64 and check answers. Ask Ss to listen to me of how I pronounce some words using in time with different sound, /i;/,/3:/, giving the same example. Ss listen and practice the sentences and complete the days of the week with the shortened forms in the box. T gives them another shortened forms of the day putting in sentences about time . work in groups

semi-controlled activity (2-5 minutes) • to check understanding

Ss will write the time twice one in digital way and another in an ordinary way

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