Hossein Hossein

Complete IELTS-Lesson 1-Reading 1
B1 level


In this lesson students learn about "table completion" in IELTS reading task. the lesson is designed according to PPP format and it starts with a pair work and then exposure, presentation, practice and finally production which is a reading task as follows.


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Main Aims

  • Reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Warm up (3-5 minutes) • to set lesson context and engage ss

At this stage of lesson i am going to have an interactive talk with ss about the most famous cities in the world to warm them up . then i am going to ask them to do the starting off section in pairs.

presentation (6-8 minutes) • to provide context for the target language through situation

students are supposed to talk about bad and good aspects of cities. then they have to do a very controlled practice in pairs. after that there is another pair work should be done in pairs to get more familiar with the task context.

practice (10-15 minutes) • to prepare ss for the main reading task

in this part the students learn how to scan a passage and how to find the key ideas. in the next exercise they have to flashback to the first exercise to do the exercise. then they learn paraphrase, after that they do the main task. tips about table completion.

production (10-12 minutes) • to provide student with free practice of the target language

in this exercise ss are going to answer questions about their own experiences related to the reading task topic, done in groups.

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