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Beginner level


In this lesson students develop their productive skills in the context of ordering food. They will be expossed to a dialogue between a customer and an assistant and practice the conversation. This will follow up with a couple of controlled semi- controlled and free practices


Abc Gap -fill handout( Face to Face WB) Audio cd1 68 ( Face to Face Starter SB ).

Main Aims

  • to develop the learners speaking skills using a dialogue within the context of restaurants and cafes

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide the learners with various speaking practices in the context of ordering food


Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • to prepare the students for the context of restaurants and food with an engaging practice

The teacher prepares the context with a picture and by asking the students about what they ate today? The students will talk about which restaurants do they usually go? with whom? where? why? what they usually order? Provide examples of food and drinks and info about prices. They will work in pairs and take order to speak.

Preparing to speak (5-8 minutes) • to generate an everyday conversation related to the student's interest, to prepare them for the task

students will see a photo that contains a customer, an assistant and food. The teacher tries to elicit the context and what the picture is about through CCQ's such as, ''Who are these people'' ''What are they doing? ''Who is ordering? What is the man doing? After a quick brainstorm, different parts of the dialoque will be hanged on the wall and the students will try to predict which sentence belongs to which person. FB will be done with the WC.

Useful language (2-4 minutes) • to provide an example of a food ordering process and clarify the steps to create for the learners a model to practice

Students will be exposed to a dialogue through listening. The students will be exposed to the pronunciation certain words and the intonational patterns of the sentences and the steps of ordering food in restaurants and cafe's. After clarification students will listen again

Writing Task (2-5 minutes) • to expose the students to a semi-controlled practice that will help them while generating a conversation in a restaurant

students will do a fill the gap exercise of certain food and drinks. Students will work in pairs. The teacher will provide an answer key.

Speaking Task (10-15 minutes) • to encourage the students to speak and acquire a skill that is useful for everyday life

The class will be divided into two, yet the students will work in pairs. The two parts will have different customers with different answers. The students will exchange turns as customer and assistant. After that, they will exchange worksheets and exchange turns as well.

Speaking Task (3-5 minutes) • to expose them to a semi-controlled practice which will improve their ability to generate a conversation

Students will work on the same exercise, but this time they will cover the customer section and turns. Students will change their partner

Speaking Task (5-8 minutes) • to enable students do a free task based on their personal interest

The students will stand up, generate the dialogue without looking at the text and exchange turns. The students will work in pairs.

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