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Where are you from?
Beginners level


In this lesson, students will work in pairs to learn vocabulary about countries and cities. This lesson will help the sts how to greet a person they meet for the first time.Also, students will listen and write the names of the countries and the cities they hear.they will learn how to use the full form and contraction of " He is, She is ........... ".


Abc Textbook and teacher's book, pictures, cd

Main Aims

  • To practise speaking and listening in the context of greetings

Subsidiary Aims

  • Names of countries and review of the present simple tense


speaking • To pracice speaking and listening in the context of greetings

Stage 1 Divide the students into three teams, and give them vocabulary cards about countries, stick the pictures around the room and get the ss to stick the vocabulary on them. Stage 2 Divide the class into pairs. Hand out worksheet A to student A and worksheet B to student B, making sure that students do not show them to each other.

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