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Listening and speaking on "work-life balance"
elementary level


In this lesson students will work on listening skills mainly and improve speaking skills as a sub-aim. They will complete a questionnaire so that they will practice both reading and speaking skills. The teacher will pre-teach vocabulary before the listening activity and the questionnaire.


Abc questionnaire hand out

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about work-life balance

Subsidiary Aims

  • reading the questionnaire and completing it.
  • students will practise speaking skills through asking and answering the questions of the questionnaire.


warmer (4-5 minutes) • to attract the students attention, give an idea about the topic and make them speak.

T shows a short video and then a Picture on "Work - Life balance". T writes DO YOU LIVE TO WORK OR WORK TO LIVE? and asks the students to talk and guess about the question and the topic in pairs.

pre-teach vocabulary (8-9 minutes) • to teach the vocabulary and phrases that will help them understand thelistening text and the questionnaire easily.

T shows pictures via PPT and wants the students to predict the words or phrases. T asks Concept Cheking Questions to the students in order to check their understanding such as; while teaching " have trouble sleeping", T asks "Can she sleep easily?" or after giving the phrase "stay late at work " T asks" Does he come home early in the evening?"

Work-Life Balance Questionnaire (9-10 minutes) • To practice speaking skills through completing the questionnaire and asking their friends about their answers.

As most of the students in the class are not working, T gives them role cards in order to talk about their work life. T writes YES, I DO / YES, SOMETIMES / NO, I DON'T on the board and gives the questionnaire sheets. T practices the questions "Do you like your work?" ,"Do you have many free time activities?", "Do you relax at weekends?" with the students and models to show how to ask and answer .the students are supposed to complete the questionnaire and ask two students. In the end they are going to find out the scores.

Lıstenıng (3-4 minutes) • listening for gist,

The teacher gives the handout. The sts listen to the text in order to find out the general topic. they discuss in pairs.

Listening (3-4 minutes) • to listen to find specific information

The students are going to listen again to find specific information and do the TRUE- FALSE questions. then check their answers in pairs. After the while listening activity the teacher monitors and lets them listen again if needed. The teacher gives the answer key to let them check their answers.

LISTENING (4-5 minutes) • listen for details

Students will listen again and answer the given questions in details then check their answers with their partners.Then the teacher writes the questions and answers on the board and want the sts to match them in order to check.

WORK-LIFE BALANCE GAME (5-6 minutes) • To practice the phrases and vocabulary as a post listening activity.

In order to practice the ocabulary and the phrases sts will order the phrases into "work"- "life" in groups. T will dvide the sts into two groups then give the phrases written on the cards . the cards will be in two different colours ans sts will stick them onto the board in the correct order.

BACK UP ACTIVITY (3-5 minutes) • to practice speaking skills. (If the students finish ealy)

ıf the students finish the activities earlier, they will use the information from the questionnaire and talk about themselves with their pairs, not about the role cards.

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