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shopping habits


In this lesson, students learn about shopping vocabulary and spending habits through guided discovery based on a situational presentation. The lesson starts with a discussion about shopping. This is followed by a situational presentation by the teacher to teach new vocabulary. Finally, there is some controlled practice through sentence completion by the appropriate vocab and a free practice.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed practice using a text about a shopaholic in the context of spending habits

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of vocabulary in the context of spending habits
  • To provide semi-controlled and freer speaking practice in the context of spending habits


Warmer/Lead-in l (5-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

a short discussion about shopping the teacher ask some questions from student about the shopping in this stage I will try to learn them a little bit about the new vocabulary by explain the meaning of that or make an example.

learn the vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • o clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language

after discussion the students will work in pairs and match the adjectives and nouns that is given to them with their definitions and try to learn them .after wardsI will get the groups to compare their answer with each other and whilst they are checking the answer i will correct them too.

asking and answering (3-5 minutes) • To provide students asking question task consolidate the language and a speaking activity to personalize the topic

I will give each group a paper that is written some question Ss answer the questionnaire individually Then they discuss in pairs what they think their answers show. ask them to use the new vocabulayr that learned I Monitor and prompt them during the activity.finally they will find out how many Ss are spenders and how many are savers.and they would know their spending habbits.

reading (10-15 minutes) • determine the meaning

i will give them a text of conversation about shopping and spending money they should read it and try to determine the meaning of the underline phrases from their contetxt.The Ss work in pairs to find out the meaning of the highlighted words in 10 minutes. I encourage them to read the whole sentence, the previous and next one if needed for more confirmation and monitor them to offer assistance if needed. -The Ss check their answers with each other before having a general FB. i ask CCQs to check understanding, model and drill words they find difficulty pronouncing. -For extra emphasis, i ask Ss to turn down the text and tell which words they would like to remember from the text. Write them on the WB.

Post-Reading (3-5 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of speaking to each other using the target language - See more at:

at the end i will give them 2 minutes to work in pairs and match the phrases in on the left with the definitions on the right in HO 5.and circle the letter of the correct choice to complete each statement(HO6) I projects the answers for the Ss to check their answers. I will monitor them and take notes of any common errors.

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