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free time activities
pre-int A2 level


Reading text about free time activities to focus on use of frequency adverbs and time phrases


Main Aims

  • to raise ss awareness of the use of time phrases and frequency through a reading and listening exercise so that ss can use them in spoken and written exercises.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice vocabulary and colocations of free time activities


warmer (5-5 minutes) • to activate students schemata about topic and recap previous collocations

quick recap colocations from previous lesson board - go - play -do - go to shout out activities and have ss shout out answer e.g. "jogging" - "go" " judo" - "do"

pre-reading (5-8 minutes) • Pre - reading to raise ss awareness of text content, motivate ss to read and help with any difficulties in understanding.

flash - card of British person and Turkish person and elicit James Bond - Kemal Sunal Flash some typical British / Turkish activities and ask ss to decide if it is Turkish or British cup of tea glass of tea pub cafe fish n chips backgammon Pre-teach vocab - elicit these words survey - demonstrate doing a survey % - percentage - check understanding of numbers 0-100 - board some % i.e. 46% - 23% etc. and ask ss Adult X child gardening flash card

reading to check key target vocabulary (5-5 minutes) • Reading to check vocabulary understand and predictions of activities

Ask ss to read the first paragraph and ask which of the activities one the board British people like to do - feedback - responses

reading to make predictions (5-5 minutes) • to read to make predictions - to expose ss to vocal of free time activities in an authentic context

Ask ss to read the text and to guess which answer they think is correct. Ss work in pairs

pre listening activity (5-5 minutes) • to feedback ss guess in preparation for listening activity

ask ss for their guesses - board replies

listening (5-5 minutes) • to listen for specific information and to check predictions

ss listen to text one time and check if their guesses were correct or not

post listening • to check ss comprehension

ask ss if their "boarded" answers / guesses were right or wrong. Elicit who guess all correctly ? one wrong etc.

(5-5 minutes) • to highlight frequency adverb and time phrase in the text

board example sentences from the text British usually eat fish n chip once a month British are always happy when socialising British people go on holiday twice a year Say "I'm going to underline some important words" underline - usually and once a month elicit the "important" words from the other sentences elicit "how often do you....?" Draw a line above the sentences and mark with a ? (If problems fill in some letters H .... o ....

(5-8 minutes) • to elicit the "frequency / order of the phrases

draw times of frequency on the board 0 -100% less --- most often stick target phrases on the board - give one or two examples ask ss tp work in pairs and order the phrases feedback answers - invite ss to board to arrange

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