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beginner level


Ss are going to practice speaking through talking about family tree through controlled exercises adapted from their books and free practice like talking about their families and exchange their sheets with partners . They will apply question about name , jobs , possessive 's


Main Aims

  • To practice speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary


Lead -in (5-7 minutes) • To set the lesson context and enagage my students

T will ask about the day and date to attract his Sts' attention that the lesson began . T will give his Ss a sheet that asks them to writs two jobs that starts with : (T-W-D ) , he will give them three minutes to work in pairs then discuss them . T will give feedback through showing them the answers in picture on the board .

Pre-speaking (10-15 minutes) • To prepare students for the main speaking skill and make it accessible

I start to draw a circle and write in it the word family ; ( father and mother I like you ) .I ask my students to tell about the members of their families . Then I give them a sheet to complete it about their family . then I regroup them differently and make each one asks and answer about his pair .

Speaking " controlled " (10-15 minutes) • to practice speaking about specific topic " family "

T will give his students a sheet that he will discuss it about "Barry" and,his wife, "Wendy". Then he will make a demo with a student about asking questions and answers about his family , job , wife ,and age . Students will be given an exercise extracted of their books about family tree . They will talk about " Barry " and Wendy " . They will use questions like : What’s Barry's job? How old is he? What's his wife's name ?What's Wendy's name ? What's Wendy's job? How old is she? What's their daughter's name ?What's her husband name .

Speaking in a game (4-8 minutes) • To increase centered

T will ask his students to stand in a circle and give them a group of about their family then the teacher is going to ask the first one then he deliver him a question the students turns and asks his neighbor friend till the last one. This will help students to feel more confident.

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