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Regular and Irregular verbs
elementary level


In this lesson the Ss will practice the different uses for regular and irregular verb forms. The context will be news, specifically from the past. Using a guided discovery approach the students should be able to correctly use the different simple past tense regular and irregular verbs.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of regular and irregular verbs in the context of news.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about the news using regular and irregular verbs in the context of news.


Lead-In (2-4 minutes) • Introduce Main Context and aim

the teacher William write 3 sentences on the WB. Woodward answered his phone? The men had cameras? Woodward left his apartment. The Ss will review the text on the WB for 1 min, then I will read them aloud one by one, eliciting from the Ss which word is the verb? After I have elicited all the verbs from the text I will ask the Ss to tell me if they are regular or irregular verbs? I will write what verb type they are next to the word on the WB. I will also draw a diagram that shows the root word and the regular and irregular difference for the to reference throughout the class on the WB. Then I will tell the Ss the focus for our lesson will be on these 2 types of verbs.

Regular&Irregular 1 (8-10 minutes) • Give Ss practice coming up with the past tense word form of the regular and irregular verbs.

I will HO a activity that has regular and irregular verbs on it. I will pair the Ss and have them complete the activity. Giving the 3 mins to complete it. I will monitor closely to this to see if there are any common mistakes among the class. The answers will be at the bottom so I will use ICQs to make sure they fold the bottom so it's hidden. After the time is up Ss will unfold the bottom and I will go over in common mistakes I seen during my monitoring.

Pronunciation - Stressed words (3-5 minutes) • familiarize Ss with correct pronunciation

I will tell the Ss that we will focus on regular verbs during this activity. I will write words from the pronunciation activity on the white board one by one, and elicit the stress, part of speech, and pronunciation of the words. I will go down the list of verbs asking the Ss first what part of speech is the word? (V), teacher says the word. where the stress is if there is any? And then drill pronunciation.

Regular&Irregular 2 (8-10 minutes) • Ss will do another regular and irregular verb practice, but this time they will be correcting the wrong root word making it past tense.

ss will do the seconded activity to practice the regular and irregular verbs, The Ss will be paired differently to complete this exorcise, pairs will get 5 min to complete the grammar activity. Again I will monitor for any mistakes to work on after the activity. When the time is up the ss will turn over there HO to check there answers on the back side

Pre teach vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • Concept Check words from the text

I will Pre teach 6 words using a word matching HO for the Ss. The Ss will be placed in new pairs for this activity. They have 3 min to complete. While the students are working on the activity I will write the words 1 - 6 on the WB then when time is finished I will write it on the answers on the WB. Then I will focus on part of speech, stress, and pronunciation.

Reading with focus on main aim (10-12 minutes) • give the Ss good reading practice while still focusing on grammar.

I will HO a text to the Ss, then Ss will read the text for 5 mins. Uninterrupted... When the first reading part is done I will pair the students up differently than before! And have the Ss underline each regular verb for the first time through.... Next I will have the students underline the irregular verb from the text. Before they complete the task I will ask the students to give me the first verb in the text? "Answered" then I will write it on the WB, next I will ask the class if it's regular or irregular and write the verb form above the word, then I will ask for verb form then the drilling, then I will ask for the second verb which is "was" then I'll write which verb form it is above it. Using regular and irregular I will create 2 categories which is what the students handout looks like and I will tell the students to put the verbs in the correct category in the paper. When they are finished I will tell them to list all the irregular verbs the found and all the regular verbs the found.

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