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TP3- LISTENING-famous People
Pre- Intermediate, A2 level


In this lesson we will work on both receptive skill (listening) and finally productive skill (speaking). The listening is about meeting famous people. First, students will be provided by a proper context through a game and they will see some pictures of celebrities who are named in the listening(to become familiar with) and some Turkish celebrities(cultural awareness). Then I will teach them some vocabulary and after that they will have some listening task. Finally they will have a discussion on the related topic in small groups.


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Main Aims

  • Listening- To provide detailed listening practice including vocabulary in the context of meeting celebrities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • TEACHING VOCABULARY/ SPEAKING( to clarify and practice on the new word in the listening/ and finally to practice the productive skill they will have discussion.)


Stage 1 (Lead In) (6-8 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and create interest

- After introduction I will write the words "famous people" and "celebrities" on the board and ask the students what they mean, and wether they are synonyms or not. - Then we will play a game. Each Student chooses a celebrity. they have 2 minutes to think about describing the celebrity, then they have to mingle, describe the celebrity to the others, and they should guess the celebrity's name. - I will show them some pictures, Turkish and American celebrities, they should guess the names. Here the older students will become familiar with the celebrities in the listening.

Stage 2 (Pre- teach new vocabulary) (4-6 minutes) • To introuce new words to Ss, in order to make the listening more helpful.

-In this stage I will use ECDW method, and I will show them some pictures and ask them to guess what it is. Then I will make sure they got the concept, and I will write them on the board and talk about the pronunciation and stress patterns.

Stage 3(ex 1) (5-7 minutes) • To provide an audio for students, and help them understand the main points.( Who is talking about who)

- In this practice, first I will put the names on the board and after clear instructions and ICQ, I will give the HO (ex 1.) play the audio. They should listen and match. Then they check in pairs and finally 2 Ss will come to the board and match them.

Stage 4 (EX2) (9-11 minutes) • Ss should be able to answer more detailed questions. Here I adapted the exercise. the listening is too long and exercise 2 in the book was not appropriate, so I have changed it.

- In this stage after clear instructions and ICQ, I will give the HO (ex 2). Ss should listen carefully and write true or false. They will listen in three parts. Then they I will ask them to check their answers in groups.

Stage 5( Ex 3) (9-11 minutes) • To create a productive skill(speaking) on the related context

After clear instruction and ICQ, I will give the HO (speaking practice. before that I will make new groups. They will discuss whether they met a celebrity or not. based on the answer(yes/no) hey have to ask some other questions, when it is finished they should talk about what their classmate have said. In all the stages attentive monitoring will be done.

Stage 6 (extra practice) (4-6 minutes) • in case of having extra time do something useful

In case of having extra time we will play HANGMAN. I will make 2 groups. Ask one student comes to the board. Give him/her piece of paper with a word written on it. S/he will put the blanks on the board. the others should guess what the word is. I will use the new word that I have taught in pre teaching stage.

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