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Pre Intermediate A2 level


In this lesson the students the students will focus on developing their writing skills in the area filling out an online form for booking a holiday. This can be a difficult task to understand for some students but it is important to understand that methods like this are becoming a normal method to organise or purchase items "online".


Abc Materials
Abc White Board
Abc Real Wrıtıng 2

Main Aims

  • To provide the students with practice in the skill of writing by filling out form similar to one you may find online. This will be in the context of booking a holiday and the other requirements for when you are away.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a functional language within the context of booking a holiday. Fluency and functional writing are important as filling in these forms requires accurate information. ie: correct email spelling.


Warmer / Lead in (8-10 minutes) • To set the lesson context and engage and interest the students.

The teacher will write the letters http://www.. on the WB and elicit from the students if they know what this is. What context might the students may have seen these letters before. Once the word "Internet" is spoken by one of the students, the teacher will only then write it on the WB. The teacher will elicit from the students what they know of the internet. Have they used the internet? What can it be used for? A WC discussion on the varying uses of the internet will be briefly discussed with the teacher leading the students towards purchasing items or services. Once the students have brought up the idea of purchasing a holiday online, the teacher will ask if any of the students have ever done this before. Some may have. The teacher should mark out the ones who have so that for future PW these particular students can work with those who have not.

Pre writing prep discussion (5-8 minutes) • To introduce to the students the concept of working out how to fill out an online form within the context of a holiday.

The teacher will first discuss with the class the story of Soren Hedegaard. A man who is going on holiday to Canada. The teacher will hand a picture (HO1) to the class and elicit from the students what they think is happening in this picture. Questions like "Where is Soren?" "What do you think he is doing?" Once the students have answered correctly the teacher will explain that Soren booked his flight on the internet/online. The teacher will elicit from the students answers to questions like.. Where might you look online for this form? what type of information might be required for this form? The teacher will write these answers on the WB

Pre Wrıtıng Dıscussıon 2 (10-15 minutes) • To show the students an example of an onlıne form and answer questıons on ıt.

The Teacher wıll show the class (HO2 and HO 2a). Thıs ıs an example of a typıcal form one would fınd onlıne. There are 5 questıons relatıng to thıs. The Teacher wıll get the students ındıvıdually to answer the questıons and gıve 5 mınutes for thıs task then put the students ınto groups (3 or 4) and they wıll compare theır answers together. The teacher wıll the elıcıt and dıscuss the answers wıth the students. The 'Dıd You Know' sectıon at the bottom of the HO wıll be dıscussed by the teacher. Thıs shows the dıfferences ın expressıons used onlnıe. Elıcıt from the students ıf there are any Turkısh dıfferences.

Pre Wrıtıng Task 3 (8-10 minutes) • To ıntroduce to the students other forms connected wıty bookıng a holıday. (Usıng a Car Rental form)

The teacher wıll dıscuss wıth the students other possıble thıng ne mıght requıre on holıday. Leadıng the dıscussıon towards rentıng or hırıng a car. The teacher wıll show HO3 tot the students.Thıs asks questıons relatıng to hırıng a car. The students wıll work on theır own to answer these questıons. 5 Mınutes wıll be gıven for thıs task. Then the students wıll be paıred to compare answers. Then a WC dıscussıon on the correct answers wıll be had wıtht the Teacher.

Wrıtıng Task (8-12 minutes) • The students wıll complete a blank form relatıng to a car rental

The teacher wıll show the class HO4. Thıs ıs a blank form to rent a car onlıne. The teacher wıll get the students ındıvıdually to fıll ın the forms. 10 mınutes wıll be gıven for thıs task. NB.(ıf ıt looks lıke the students fıll the form ın wıthın a shorter tıme move on to next task) The teacher wıll place the students ınto paırs and get them to compare theır answers. (Place students who showed prevıous knowledge of onlıne forms wıth a student of lesser knowhow). The teacher wıll elıcıt responses to questıons on the form and then wıth a whole class dıscussıon on the corrct answer.

Freer Dıscussıon (3-5 minutes) • To elıcıt a dıscussıon on other onlıne forms.

The teacher wıll dıscuss wıth the WC the ımportance of thıs knowledge ın the world today. The teacher wıll elıcıt from the students theır experıences wıth onlıne forms...ıe: Buyıng concert tıckets or shoppıng or ınsurance.

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