CELTA TP#4 Serli Musosoglu
Beginner level


This lesson is a continuation of the first lesson on January 12, 2018. Ss will learn present simple and they will practice the grammar in this lesson through 'Find two people' and "Interview" activity. They will also practice speaking and writing while practicing the grammar.


Abc Find Two People

Main Aims

  • Grammar Practice- Students will practice the Q, positive and negative forms of the present simple through 'Find Two People' and "Interview" activity. The stages of the activity will be controlled initially and freer in final stages.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and Writing Practice: Ss will be improving their productive skills through controlled and freer activities in this class.


Review stage (5 minutes) • To review key vocabulary to be used in the following "Find two people" activity and Present Simple Tense and it's forms.

After the break: Greeting and name check just in case. Review following: go shopping go out friends after class flat gym weather Provide examples, elicit the question forms from the students and long answers for Y/N questions. Once the questions are said quick review of the form and nominating a student o ask the question to someone to answer in positive and negative. Drill when necessary for pronunciation and intonation. I go shopping with friends. Do you go shopping with friends? Yes, I go shopping with friends. No, I don't go shopping with friends. Go out with friends. Elicit the affirmative sentence. I go out with friends. Do you go out with friends? Yes, I go out with friends. No, I don't go out with friends.

"Find Two People" Activity- Stage 1 (5 minutes) • To have ss practice the language provide clear instructions to the ss for the initial stage

The T shows the HO to the ss and tell students that they need to circle the correct verb. Writes an example on the board- "eat/ watch/ play tennis?" and asks which one is the correct answer? Then Circles. ICQ- Do you circle the correct answer? Then gives the HO. They check in pairs and then the T projects the answer key to check.

"Find two people" activity Stage 2 (4 minutes) • To give instructions for the second stage and have students practice the language

The T writes the first question on the board. They get the HO and tell ss that they need to make questions. The asks the answer for the first question on the board. Circles the correct answer and then asks for the question form. Ss reply. Drill if necessary. ICQ- Do you write questions? Yes Do you answer questions? No Ss start writing the questions. They will have 2 minutes. The T then pairs the ss and asks for them to check. The T then nominates a s for the first question. The s than nomitaes so for the second question.

"Find two people" Stage 3- Mingling Activity to practice the language. (15 minutes) • To practice the language

The T then gives instruction for stage three- asks the first question to a student if they answer their name writes it on the 1st name section. Asks the same question to another person if they answer yes, they write their name in the second name section. The T clarifies that if a student says no, they can sk the next question Do you watch TV a lot? Merve Yasemin Do you go to rock concerts? No, then asks the next question to that person. Do you live in a flat? writes the name and then goes on to another student. The aim is to get two "yes"s and two names for the brackets. ICQ- Do you ask the same question to two ss?Yes Do you ask the next question if they answer no? Yes Is it OK if you cannot find a Yes? Yes The students stand up and start mingling.

"Find two people" activity stage 4 (7-10 minutes) • To use the information gained by practicing the language

The T instructs the ss as follows: If there are two names in the question, you make a sentence to your partner. Nomitaes a student and asks for the name in 1st question. Merve and Yasemin for example, the T elicits the sentence from the ss. They watch TV a lot. ICQs: Do you work in pairs? Yes Do you make a sentence with the two names? Yes Feedback- The T asks a student the two things they learned about their peers. The s answers and then nomiates someone else to say two things they found out.

Interview activity (10 minutes) • To make Wh Qs with present simple.

The T projects the HO to the board. Tells the ss to make 5 questions. If there is more time, 8 questions. Elicits the first example from ss by circling in your free time. ICQs: Do you make 5 questions? yes Do you work in pairs? No The SS work individually on the Qs. Then pairs them in three and Ss check the answers. the T projects the questions on the board and then gives then elicits the answer of the first question from ss. The ss then ask and answer the questions in their groups.

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