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Copy of TP #7 | Last Holiday I... (Past Simple)
A1 (Beginner/Elementary) level


In this lesson, sts will review lexis related to travel and going on holiday, practice reading for gist and then sts will have controlled practice using the past simple tense writing for product as they complete a short essay about what they did last holiday.


Abc Slide Show
Abc WB
Abc Write about your last holiday
Abc Verb Key
Abc Spain reading text

Main Aims

  • To provide students product writing practice of an essay in the context of what they did on their last holiday.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of holiday & travel lexis in the context of what they did on their last holiday.
  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about what I did on my last holiday in the context of what they did last holiday.


Lead-In (5-7 minutes) • Sts review lexis related to going on holiday.

Carry the context from Serhat's lesson to talk about what they did on their last holiday. Use slideshow to review lexis related to TL. Model and drill full short sentences for newer lexis. CQ: What do all these words have in common? -they are about holiday.

Reading for gist. (4-5 minutes) • Provide sts with model of writing activity.

"Remember when we talked about my trip to York?"--yes. "Well, on my last holiday I went somewhere else." Chest HO of reading text. Instruction: "Here is a story about my last holiday. You have 1 minute to look over and then we'll talk." ICQ: What are you reading? -Story about your last holiday. CQ after reading: Where did I go?--Spain. What did I do?-- read a book, sunbathed on the beach, shopped, bought postcards. Did I have a good holiday? -yes.

Production HO: Change the Underlined sentences (8-10 minutes) • Sts produce sentences about their last holiday.

Sts will use reading text about my holiday in Spain. Chest HO with instruction: look at the reading about my holiday in Spain. You are going to change the underlined sentences to make your own." ICQ: "Are you writing sentences about my holiday?" -No. "You are writing sentences about your holiday." Use the questions to help you make your sentences about your holiday. PW: Tell your partner 2 things you wrote about your last holiday. CQ: Where did you go last holiday? -place. Did you have a good holiday? -yes/no.

Writing Practice for Product (15-20 minutes) • Sts get practice writing about their last holiday.

Chest HO for free writing exercise. Instruction: "Now it is your turn to write about your holiday. Use these ideas to help you (verb key) for where, who, and what. Write at least 5 sentences about your last holiday." ICQ: Who are you writing about? -me. What are you writing about? -my last holiday. PW: Tell your new partner about your last holiday. CQ/WC: What did you learn about your new partner? Where did they go?

Feedback & Error Correction (2-3 minutes) • Give/Get feedback from sts

Address/review any common errors. CQ meaning, form, pronunciation on lexis & TL. Get feedback from sts: "Did you like this exercise?" -yes/no "why?" .....

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