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Reading about a charitable organization.
Upper-Intermediate. level


In this lesson sts practice skimming for gist and scanning for specific information, in the context of a newspaper article about the Rainforest Protection agency in Central America. Additionally, they practice speaking about what they have read.


Abc WB and markers.
Abc Straightforward. U-I. 2007. Macmillan. Pp. 100-101.

Main Aims

  • To provide skim and scan reading practice in the context of a newspaper article about the work of a Communications Coordinator for the Rainforest Protection Agency (RPA), in Central America.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sts express some of what they have absorbed from the reading by discussing the aspects of the Communications Coordinator's work which they would find most interesting.


Lead-in (0-4 minutes) • Establish context and engage students interest.

T elicits from sts if any of them have ever volunteered or worked for a charity? T elicits from sts how they found out about the work? T elicits from sts how else a charity may promote its work? Prediction- T elicits what might be written in a newspaper article about the RPA?

Reading (0-8 minutes) • Sts practice skimming for gist.

T tells sts that they have 3 minutes to read the article about the Rainforest Protection Agency. T elicits from the sts what the article is about in 1/2 sentences. T elicts from sts meaning of: 1.Veranda (partially open area outside a house but still considered part of the building). 2.People are counting on me (people are relying on me to do things). 3.Grassroots (Lower levels of an organization where ordinary people are involved). 4.Delegation ( A group of people representing a company, organization, country, school, club etc).

Reading 2 (0-12 minutes) • Sts practice scanning the text for specific info to answer questions 1.1&1.2.

T tells students they have 8 minutes to read the article again and answer the question to 1.1 and 1.2. T gives handouts. T gets feedback from sts by eliciting the answers to the 1.1 and 1.2 and writing them on WB.

Reading 3 (0-10 minutes) • Sts practice more intensive reading for finer points of detail, in order to correct incorrect statements in question 2.1-2.8.

T tells sts they have 5 minutes to read the article again and correct the incorrect statements in question 2.1- 2.8. T gets feedback by eliciting the correct answers from sts and writing them on the WB.

Post-reading (10 minutes) • sts practice expressing what they have read about by discussing in grops.

T splits sts into groups of 3-4. T asks sts to discuss which aspects of John's job they would find most interesting and why? Sts have 10 minutes. T monitors unobtrusively. T monitors by spending time with each group to find out what they found most interesting about John's job and why?.

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