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TP #5 Speaking
Lower intermediate level


International House Mexico City 30/07/2020


Abc Student handbook New-Cutting Edge Pre-intermediate

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, learners will have practised their speaking for fluency by asking and answering a survey.

Subsidiary Aims

  • They will have also covered MAFP of some functional language


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To open the topic of the survey

T introduces themselves, greets students. T shows S opening three two of google slides presentation. Slide 1 - What makes people happy? Slide 2 - Three photos of a woman with cash, woman with a baby, fans at a hockey game. Ask students to describe what they see in each photo. After responses, ask why that might make someone happy. Help with responses if needed.

Content Preparation (4-5 minutes) • To have students speak about the subject.

T shows students slide 3 - Show students three more photos, friends, woman buying clothes, man and woman going on vacation. Have students examine the photos. Then proceed to breakout rooms where they will discuss what is making these people happy? Monitor breakout rooms, listen to responses, encourage students with follow-up questions.

Language preparation (8 minutes) • To familiarize students with useful language to compare ideas

T shows S google slides Comparing Ideas matching sheet. S match (1-4) the beginning of the phrase with the most appropriate ending (A-D). Demo Task T covers answers with students. T shows S google slides Presenting the results matching sheet. S match (1-4) the beginning of the phrase with the most appropriate ending (A-D) T covers answers with students. MFPA Cover the MFPA of the 8 phrases from the comparing ideas and presenting the result to familiarize. T and S go over together MFPA, eliciting responses especially for pronunciation. Cover form and how to use it in a functional language setting.

Speaking Build Up Task (8-10 minutes) • Students fill out survey which will be base of speaking task

T gives students survey on google forms. Students fill out survey responding from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Give reasoning why Demo Task

Speaking Task (8-10 minutes) • Learners speak and discuss their ideas and results of the survey in break out rooms.

Students can view their responses and their colleagues response in the google forms log. Have students enter break out chats to discuss their findings and compare answers. Demo response, to show students how to actually speak on task. Have students switch roles, once to ask, once to respond. Monitor break out rooms, assist in eliciting responses, ask follow-up questions

Feedback on content/feedback on language (5-6 minutes) • To go over survey findings/language feedback

Discuss results of survey with students, follow-up questions. DEC stage to correct any mistakes

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