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Reading/Teaching Practice 4
Elementary level


In this lesson students will focus on reading and speaking.The students will learn some new vocabulary that are in the reading text and the students will use them in the sentences with the help of the activies during the lesson.


Abc Gap-fill Handout

Main Aims

  • To provide receptive skill development by reading for skimming and scanning and the reading text is related to Present Simple statements that they have learnt so far.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To Provide practice of vocabulary by speaking activities.By the end of the lesson,students will be able to use some collacations while speaking.


Stage 1(Lead In) (5 minutes) • To lead-in and pre-teach vocabulary

Showing pictures of some activites and famous people that are related to the reading text. To talk about the pictures.E.g What does he do?/Is this a junk food?Do you eat junk food?Using realia and showimg pictures for pre-teaching.(junk food)

Stage 2 (7 minutes) • To work on receptive skill-reading.Reading for skimming.

Ss find the words that are at the back of their chairs and according to that names they get together and read the text that titled with their group names.The names are related to the reading passages and in pairs Ss try to find the related sentence among the four sentences that the teacher gives them.They skim the text and find the related title in pairs.One of the student form each group comes to the board and sticks their answers under the name of their group.

Stage 3 (5 minutes) • To work on receptive skill-reading.Students read for scanning.

The teacher sticks 2 sentences about each of the four group on the board.Ss look at the sentences and try to find which of them are related to their text.They both scan and understand comprehensively the text.One of the student from each group takes the word cards and sticks under the their group names.

Stage 4 (5 minutes) • To learn the words in the text that goes together(collocations).

The teacher stick a chart on the board.Ss try to match the verbs with the nouns.Drilling and modelling the words.Also Ss according to their groups says whether the one of these sentences are about their groups or not (for the speaking activitiy).

Stage 5 (5 minutes) • To practice the collocations.

Ss match the nouns with the verbs.They learn the nouns and the verbs.The teacher sticks the nouns on the board.Ss come to the board match the nouns with the verbs.To practice the nouns by using realia(newspaper,magazine)

Stage 6 (7 minutes) • To work on productive skill-speaking

Film Group and Travel Group/Sport Group and Laid-back Group come together and tell each other what they like,what they eat,what they do.Then teacher asks each group what they have learned and then gives feed back.

Stage 7 (5 minutes) • To provide Ss comprehension questions

The teacher gives True/False Questions. Ss answer the questions in pairs and one of the students from each group read the question and the whole class say the answer.

Stage 8 (6 minutes) • To practice collocations,to revise what have been learned

The teacher writes the verbs and the nouns on the board and then Ss come to the board and match the nouns with the verbs.

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