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GRADE 8 level


Past simple and past continuous; used to and would


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of past simple and past continuous; used to and would

Subsidiary Aims

  • reading for specific information


Lead-in (3-6 minutes) • to warm sts up for the upcoming target language

.put a picture of Taj Mahal on WB. talk about it, give some information about it. . it was built in the 17th century .it is in the city of AGRA . one of the seven wonders of the world. . it is a UNESCO world heritage site . constructed with materials from all over the world .over 10,000 people were used to move building materials

reading for the gist (4-6 minutes) • for sts to improve reading skills

.sts read the text and answer the questions

Clarifying target language (6-8 minutes) • for sts to understand past simple and past continuous tense

. write different definitions of psat simple and past continuous and put them on WB. .sts come to the board and match the definitions to the tenses. . use WB to clarify the structure. Use timelines to explain past continuous better.

clarifying USED TO and WOULD (5-7 minutes) • for sts to understand USED TO and WOULD

. put two different pictures of sb on WB, one is poor one is rich. Tell sts that these are the sameperson, he was rich last year but he is poor now. Ask sts questions like: where does he live? what does he eat? what does he drink?... .elicit from sts sentences using USED TO .then clarify the structure

Practice 1 (3-5 minutes)

.sts do ex. A in pairs. . write the answers on WB. Get WCF

practice 2 (4-6 minutes)

.sts do ex. B in pairs

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