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Teaching Practice 6b - Trends
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson SS will learn about functional language expressions about giving examples through listening activities followed by controlled and freer practices.


Abc Handouts from Straightforward Upper Intermediate Student's Book p. 72 and 73
Abc Computer
Abc Exterior speakers
Abc Straightforward Upper Intermediate Student's Book CD
Abc Vocabulary List for Listening

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of language used for giving examples in the context of trends.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about advances in the food industry, new inventions in the clothing industry and the future of virtual reality in the context of making predictions about lifestyles in the future.


1. Warmer (5-5 minutes) • To get the SS interested in the topic

- Tell the SS that you are going to show them some pictures and that you want them to think about what they are about - Project the pictures on the board. They are about future lifestyles - Elicit the word "future" or "life in future" - Show SS Exercise 1 on a handout. Tell them here are three topics; a, b and c. Tell them to work in pairs and for each topic, make a list of three changes that they expect to take place in the next 20 years. ICQ: How many topics are there? (3) You need to write how many changes that you expect to take place for each topic? (3) - Give SS the handouts,. Give them 3 minutes. - In the meantime, project the sheets on the board through PDF. - Monitor the SS. - Elicit a few answers from the class

2. Listening part 1 - Matching exercise (7-7 minutes) • Gist

- Get the recording ready on the computer. Also project exercise 1 PDF on the board - "Now we are going to listen to a recording. In the recording, 3 experts (specialists) will talk about 3 different topics. I want you to match these with the 3 topics in the last example (PDF). For example, a-1, b-2 and so on." (individually) ICQ: So you will listen to 3 recordings and? (Match them with the 3 topics) - Play the recordings. Students lisen and do the matching. - After they finish, ask SS to move to a different seat and find a new partner. Tell them to compare with their partners, the predictions the experts made to the ones they made in exercise 1. ("Were the experts' predictions similar to yours?") - Ask if any student found any similarity between the experts' and their predictions. Elicit one answer.

3. Listening part 2 - Fill in the blanks (6-7 minutes) • Specific information

- Show the SS dictionary sheets. Tell them that there are some words and their meanings, which are used in the recording text. Hand them the sheets - Instruct SS to listen to the recordings one more time. Ask them to fill in the blanks of ex. 3 on the handouts (show ex. 3 on handouts) while listening. Tell them to check their answers with their partners after they finish listening. ICQ them. - Hand in the sheets - Start the recording(s) - SS fill in the blanks while listening. After they finish, remind them to check their answers with their partners. While they do that, I'll write the answers on the board. Then ask SS to check the answers once more.

4. Functional Language - Exercise 1 (10-12 minutes) • To teach SS how to give examples with functional language

- Exercise 1. Project the exercise ("The 21st - Century Kitchen) on the board. Show SS the handout. Tell them to skim the text first, then put in circle the correct expressions for the sentences 1 to 7. - Tell them to check their answers with their partners when they finish. Hand in the sheets. Give the SS 5 minutes. - Call a strong student (one who finished early) to come to the board and put the right answers in circles. Ask SS if they agree. - Go over each sentence one by one. - Teach the SS the MFP of functional language expressions through these examples. Make sure they understand as much as possible

5. Exercise 2 - Pictures with notes (5-6 minutes) • Freer Practice

- Project the exercise on the board. Show the SS the handout. Tell them to look at the pictures and read the notes above them. Ask them to work in pairs and answer the questions below. - Give them 4 minutes. - Hand in the sheets. - After they finish, elicit answers from one or two students - Focus on concept checking and error correction during feedback

6. Exercise 3 - Individual Activity (Freer Practice) (7-7 minutes) • To make the SS use functional language

- Project the functional language expressions (from exercise 1) on the board - Individual work. Ask SS to write 3 sentences describing their future bathrooms. Tell them to use as many expressions from the board (exercise 1) as possible. Give them 6-7 minutes. - Feedback. Focus on concept checking and error correction - When they finish, elicit a few answers from the class.

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