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TP 1b
Intermediate level


In the lesson, students will be introduced to the meaning and form of past simple and past continuous through a guided discovery based on a listening about 3 people discussing their past experiences with an interviewer. The lesson starts with 3 pictures sticking to WB. These are the 3 people who will talk in the listening. There is some controlled practice followed by semi-controlled practice.


Abc "Last" activity handout
Abc Audio track 1.12-1.14
Abc photos of 3 people

Main Aims

  • to clarify and practise the difference between the past simple and the past continuous.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening: to identify key information + to recognise and practise the function of 3 narrative tenses (semi-controlled practice).


Lead-in/ Building context (2-3 minutes) • to generate interest in the context of the listening.

I'll stick 3 pictures of 3 people to WB. These people will be talking about their past experiences in a listening exercise.

listening task (5-7 minutes) • to practice listening for gist and to contextualize and introduce the target language.

the students will listen to 3 people talking about their past experiences then try to do a matching exercise about this listening individually then discuss the answers in pairs.

Highlighting target language (5-7 minutes) • to highlight the target language so the students can focus on it.

I'll highlight the target language by choosing sentences from the listening to explain my target language.

clarifying target language (5-7 minutes) • To clarify meaning, form and pronunciation.

I will write two sentences I elicited from the listening. one is in past simple and the other one is in past continuous. I'll explain to the students the meaning of these two tenses using CCQs then show them the form of these two sentences.

Language practice (3-5 minutes) • to provide controlled practice

I will give the students two fill-in-gaps exercises. they have to do this exercise individually then they can check answers with their partners.

past simple activity (last game) (3-5 minutes) • to practice past simple

I will divide the students into groups of 4 then hand out a paper for each group. these papers have the word "last" on them, like : last month, last year and last weekend. Each group will discuss what they did in the last year and last month.

past continuous speaking activity (3-5 minutes) • to practice past continuous

I'll write on WB this question " what were you doing at 7pm ? then I will divide them into groups then ask them to tell their partners what they were doing at 7pm

"Find someone who" activity (7-10 minutes) • it's a physical activity to engage all the students to share information with each other.

I will give the students HO. on this HO, there are a lot of actions in the past. Then I will ask all students to stand up and keep asking each other to fill this form. The students will ask each other to get information and write yes or no on this HO with some details about the person they talk with.

Fun activity before the end of the lesson (3-5 minutes) • to catch up past simple and past continuous

I will divide the class into two big groups. I will give instructions about this activity. Group "A" should shout " mu-ba-ba" when they hear past simple, but group B should shout " lo-ma-ma" when they hear past continuous. I will read a short story that uses past simple and past continuous.

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