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Unit 6, Reading.
Upper-Intermediate level


This lesson improves the student's reading skill (main aim ). It is an article talking about the modern technology showing its bad effects on children. Through reading this article, students practice speaking and listening ,recognize some new vocabulary and be able to use linkers for " adding more information,connecting contrasting ideas and showing cause and effect", (sub aims ).


Abc Flash Cards
Abc A handout
Abc Flash Cards.
Abc a handout .

Main Aims

  • To improve the student's ability to read (skimming, scanning, and reading in details).

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice more speaking through exchanging and discussing information about the negative effects of the modern technology on our children.
  • To know the meaning of some new vocabulary through the context.


Warmer/ Lead in • To set lesson context and stimulate their schemata.

After greeting students and introducing myself, I start the lesson showing them some flash cards including some pictures of modern technology asking them about what they see.Then, I ask them" What are these pictures related to?". I elicit the answer. Then, I ask them another question "Did you use any of modern technology yesterday?". Then, I ask students to discuss( in pairs) which technology each partner used yesterday. After they finish , I ask volunteer students to talk about the technology their partner used yesterday.Then, I divide the class into two groups. I ask each group to write down as many words related to technology as they can in one minute.Next, I ask the leader of each group to rush to the board and write the words.The group that write more words will be the winner.

Gist ( Skimming Stage) • for the student to know the general idea of the article.

First, in pair work students read the four sttements in exercise 1, discuss them deciding whether they agree or disagree.then, I check their ideas and reasons of their agreement or disagreement. Then, I read the title and explain the anticipated blocking verb "ruined" by eliciting the meaning from the students themselves. Next, I ask students to skim the article in two minutes to answer two questions ( Has technology negative effects on childhood?,What is the basic difference between the two pictures in the article?). Then , I give them the chance to discuss the answers in pairs ,then I check their answers.

Scanning Stage. • To improve the students' scanning reading for searching for a specific peace of information.

I ask students ( in pairs ) to read the article again but just for telling what the numbers in the box ( ex:1 page 59 ) refer to. Then , I check their answers.

Teaching vocabulary ( Sup Aim ) • To get students aware of the meaning of some vocabulary through context.

I give students a handout having some statements from the context . Each statement has an underlined words. There are three choices for each statement. students ( in pairs) should discuss and choose the right meaning for the underlined words.Then, I check their answers discussing with them the meanings and reasons for choosing these answers.

Detailed Reading. • To get students more involved into the details of the article.

I give students a sheet of paper having some questions about some details of the topic.The students read the questions and then they read the topic again in details. Next, I let all students to stand up and go around discussing the questions ( speaking Practice ).Then, I discuss the questions with them.

Working out exercise 3 on vocabulary if there is enough time. • To apply and make sure of understanding the previous vocabulary stage.

I ask students to fill in the spaces from the words in the box ( in pairs )letting them exchange their ideas and answers. finally, I check their answers

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