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Intemediate level


In this lesson students are going to learn some vocabulary in the context of traveling and will learn about animals like chimpanzee and other animals, after that they are going to read a reading concerning the travel and how it can change your life.


Abc multple choice handout
Abc WH qustions based on the reading
Abc matching handouts

Main Aims

  • To provide students with a text related to travel and changes it can make for life.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students with the vocabulary they need to use for their reading
  • To get students to use the vocabulary they learned and the grammar they have just learned I the previous lesson


Lead in • to familiarize students with what they might be reading about

Teacher will ask them a question about if they could have an expensive trip where would they go? And then he says if this trip could change their life in some way.

Prediction • To get students to think about what they are going to read in the reading

Teacher is going to write the heading of the reading on the board and ask students what would they be reading in such a context.

Pre-teach vocabulary • to get rid of the trouble making vocab

Teacher is going to provide the students with a two option handouts, In the handout students will be provided with the meaning of synonym that they need for teaching and then I will tell to match the vocabulary with the correct answer. Teacher is going to give a WC feedback as it is not the main aim and does not need much time to be spend on it.

While teaching • to get students to have a general idea about what the text is about

Teacher is going to divide the class into two groups and will ask them to go through a part of the reading to be able to answer the question of the other group. Teacher asks them to do it alone and then when they are done he asks them to check their answers with their partner. he asks them to ask each other questions that they were supposed to find answer for. In doing so teacher is also going to give feedback to the class.

while reading 2 • To provide students with a detail reading activity

In this exercise students will be provided with a handout on which they should guess the meaning of the words first and match them to the definitions and then they should read the reading to find the meaning of the vocabulary. Then teacher is going to ask one of the students to check their answers with their partner tans then while monitoring he gives feedback to the class.

post reading • to get students to develop their oral abilities and to speak about this context

Teacher is going to ask students to talk about the two people in the photo and to discuss thier ideas with each other and he finally gets a WC feedback.

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